Gazco Onyx 110RW Electric Fireplace


— Stunning, realistic oak log set

— Full control via remote control or iOS/Android apps

— 2kw heating element that can be turned off for year-round use

— Compact 1100 x 425 glass viewing area, perfect for smaller rooms

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Gazco Onyx 110RW Electric Fireplace


The Gazco Onyx 110RW Electric Fireplace is the smallest in the Onyx range.  As a result, it is perfect for more compact rooms and walls.


Designed to bring a sense of luxury to any room, the Onyx series of electric fireplaces are the most modern on the market The premium integrated oak log set, with lighting in the logs for a more realistic fireplace. Furthermore, the advanced Chromalight LED system with a choice of 36+ flame and lighting options allows the ultimate customisation.


The ability to modify your Onyx fireplace to suit any room extends to the installation options. All Onyx fireplaces come standard with the ability to install as a one, two or three-sided installation.


Ease and flexibility of use are key to all Onyx fireplaces. iOS or Android apps or the remote control provide full control. The 2kw heating element can be set to manual or thermostat mode or even turned off completely for year-round use.


Optional extras include a distinctive birch log set and mood lighting system.



Visual Dimensions


Width: 1100mm

Height: 425mm


Framing Dimensions


Width: 1138mm

Height: 641mm

Depth: 320mm



Gazco Electric Fireplaces


For 42 years the Gazco Stovax company has designed a wide range of stunning fireplaces. Today, they are one of the UK’s leading stove and fireplace manufacturers, exporting to over 25 countries worldwide.


Across their wood-burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric products, we strive to create the future of fire. Each of our heating products results from decades of expert craftsmanship and class-leading innovation – representing the pinnacle of British engineering.


The groundbreaking Gazco Electric Fireplaces are a stunning new product, designed for the future of fireplaces for modern homes. Featuring stunning visuals and running from pure electricity they are a brilliant alternative to a traditional gas or wood fire, without sacrificing style and control.



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