Electric Fireplaces

Modern electric fireplaces combine stunning looks with incredible installation flexibility. They are an excellent solution for highly efficient modern homes. Especially those with access to solar panels or other heating forms but want a fireplace’s style and ambience.

Our range includes the brands Rinnai, British Fires, Gazco and Ilektro. Each brand has a massive variety of heater sizes and styles, and we can design a solution for any home.

Gazco electric heaters have four models in their range. The small Gazco Riva is a popular choice for old fireplaces. The budget eStudio range is perfect for renovations or smaller homes, while the premium eReflex and Onyx range provide some of the most realistic and impressive installation options.

Rinnai has recently launched its ES series of electric fireplaces. They feature the longest warranty and represent some of the best value and most stylish fireplaces. The range starts at the traditionally styled ES750 and finishes with the 2.2m wide ES2200.

British Fires are easily the most distinctive fireplaces available on the Australian market. These beautiful fireplaces feature a natural wood log base and set the standard for realism in the electric product category. They also feature various suites that can make installation into an existing wall or room a breeze.

Energy Hothouse has a wide range of electric fireplaces on display. We currently have over nine working models with a range of log sets and installation styles for you to see and operate.

As a full service retailer, we can also work with you to custom build a bespoke wall for a renovation, modify an old fireplace and even provide an electrician for any wiring work required for your new product.

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