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Neo Inbuilt Wood Heater

Neo 1.6 Inbuilt Wood Heater – Heats 200+m2


About this product

Canadian made, the Neo 1.6 inbuilt wood heater is designed to perform in the harshest conditions. Built with serious technology to make it perform like no other wood heater.

Perfect for the larger home, the Neo 1.6 wood heater will heat up to 200+m2

Sick of black heaters?

The Neo 1.6 inbuilt wood heater you can have a standard black heater, or upgrade to the stainless fascia

Neo 1.6 inbuilt wood heater black fascia

The Neo 1.6 inbuilt wood heater black fascia

Neo 1.6 inbuilt wood heater stainless fascia

The Neo 1.6 inbuilt wood heater stainless fascia


  • Fully firebricked lined

    • this adds additional thermal mass to your wood heater
  • Quad Burning Technology
    • 67% efficient
      • Your Neo 1.6 wood heater is 35% more efficient than the standard wood heater
        • This means you will burn as much as 1 ton of wood LESS per year
        • Will save you over $200.00 a year in wood
      • The trick is the baffle made from stainless steel. It preheats the air to over 800°C, making your fire burn so clean.

The Neo 1.6 inbuilt wood heater baffle

  • Clean Burn Technology
    • 1.1grms
      • The lower the emissions, the less smoke produced. The Neo 1.6 wood heater will product 80% less smoke than other heaters
  • Overnight Burn
    • Guaranteed to burn 12+ hours


  • Technology to burn longer
    • Extended Burn Technology or EBT2, precisely regulates secondary airflow based on vacuum created by the chimney for a longer, cleaner, more economical burn. This automatically adjusts the secondary combustion system for a cleaner, more efficient burn and extended burn time.
    • For homes in windy area’s or with additional lengths of flue, the EBT2 ensures your heaters performance won’t be effected by the elements


      The Neo 1.6 inbuilt wood heater EBT2


  • Easy Close Door and serious adjustment

    • Roller built in to assist in door closing
    • The air control is brilliant. 7″ (225mm) of adjustment, this means you have TOTAL CONTROL of your fire


  • No Chimney ? No Problems

The Neo inbuilt wood heater range is designed for a standard brick chimney installation. No chimney…no problems! The optional Zero Clearance kit allows you to install the Neo inbuilt into a timber framed out cavity

No Chimney - No Problem

The Neo 1.6 Inbuilt Wood Heater No Chimney – No Problem



Neo 1.6 Neo 2.5
Heating Capacity
Heating Capacity 20kW 24kW
Efficiency 67% 72%
Emissions 1.1 1Grm
Firebox Dimensions
Height 495mm 546mm
Width 749mm 838mm
Depth 411mm 508mm
Fascia Dimensions
Height 660mm 724mm
Width 914mm 1,016mm
Depth to Center of Flue
From Front 257mm 368mm
Auto Start Yes Yes
Fan Speeds 2 speed 2 speed
No of Fans 2 2
In Front of unit 500mm 500mm
DOWNLOAD Neo 1.6 Inbuilt Manual WATCH review Video on the Neo Wood heater