Gas Heating

Gas heating is one of the best ways to heat your home. Modern gas heaters are highly efficient and can quickly, quietly and cheaply heat large spaces.

Gas heating also takes the pressure off the electrical grid and lets you heat your home without drawing electricity during the dark, cold Adelaide winter months.

Gas heating is also more pleasant than reverse-cycle as it avoids the dryness of electrical heating.

Energy Hothouse has a wide range of gas heaters. Our brands are Rinnai, Coonara, Regency, Lopi and Braemar.

We have stunning gas log fires, highly efficient gas space heaters, and powerful ducted gas units that can heat your entire home.

We have an extensive range of heaters on display, including working and static displays. A working display allows you to feel the beautiful combination of radiant and convected heat while envisioning how your stunning new heater will look in your home.

Our displays currently include:

— Rinnai LS 800, LS 1000, 952, 1253, SS850 750 and 650 freestanding.

— Coonara Royal Elite, Mosman, and Chateau inbuilt heaters, and the Royal Pedestal, Hermitage and Mystique freestanding heaters.

— Regency FG39, GF1500, City, GF950 and GFi750

— Lopi Cypress, DVL, ProBuilder 72, 864 40k and 4415 ST

— Braemar PWF30

If you want us to turn on any model, please call us on your way into the store, and we will light the unit and allow you to feel the heat and stunning flames.

Our experienced sales staff can work with you to design your gas heating system to maximise the heat coverage while maintaining the look and style you are after for your home.

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