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Nectre Fires

Our Nectre Range

Are you wanting to support a South Aussie brand? Our lovely Nectre range is made in our own backyard. These heaters are honest and reliable. That produces gorgeous warmth and comfort for you and your home.

There has never been a better time to support a South Aussie brand. With the range that Nectre has, there is guaranteed to be a style for you. Whether you are looking for something more modern like the Nectre N60. Or you may want a more traditional looking heater like the Nectre MK1. There are endless opportunities with choices including different sizing, looks and the choices of legs, pedestals and wood stackers.

The Nectre range encompasses all different types of wood heaters. They have an array of free-standing, in-built heaters as well as the wonderful Nectre Baker’s Oven. There is something for everyone!

If wood isn’t your style. How about a Nectre gas log fire. These freestanding gas heaters look like the real thing but are heat that you can control. If you want the atmosphere of a real log fire with the convenience of gas the Nectre gas heater is for you.

Come instore to see many of these heaters on display, have a chat to our knowledgeable staff and find your own Nectre heater today!

View our Nectre range here:

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Installing your Wood Heater

Installing Your Wood Heater

Installation of your unit. Wood heating in Australia provides a clean efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Taking your time to ensure your wood heater is installed correctly will ensure you have a sustainable heat source for years to come.


Wood heaters sold of the Australian market must be tested to a safety and clearance standard. Know as AS/NZS 2918. These standards define the tests which must take place for a product to be able to obtain certification and be and be sold on the Australian market.


Clearances to combustibles for unit will be outlined in the literature provided by the manufacturer of your unit. These include side clearances, rear wall clearances and clearances required of installing the unit into a corner. It will also dictate the hearth requirements for the unit including, thickness and projection required in front of and beside the fire itself. The flue used for the unit will need to meet the Australian standards. Be sure to check the flue system you propose to use is suited to your unit and has been tested to the standard. If your flue system is not tested with your appliance it must be a default flue kit as specified in the current version of AS/NZS 2918.


Drop boxes and wall and floor penetration kits must be used when penetrating section of your home, be sure to check requirements before proceeding with any installation. A minimum flue height of 4.6 meter from the hearth to the flow cap is required.  At the flue cap you must have 3 meters clear of any structures or obstacles this includes second stories including neighbouring properties parapet walls, trees or any solid structure.


Not meeting these requirements can make the fire burning incorrectly causes smoke nuisance for neighbouring properties or could create a fire hazard. That is why installing your wood heater correctly is so important.


States and local councils may have different requirements for installations including who can install the unit and of a compliance certification required. Ask your local AHHA member of the statutory requirements in your area. Your local AHHA member can give you professional advice and recommend installers who can give you peace of mind that your new heating investment will last.

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GFi350L Greenfire

This week, the most popular appliance is the Regency GFi350L Greenfire. The GFi350L is a wonderful inbuilt gas heater perfect for your home. It is a great addition to any room; the sleek and modern design is matched by its efficiency. This Greenfire has LPG and ULPG conversion kits to suit any home. The driftwood log set and embers along with the flames give a very realistic look whilst heating your home perfectly.


This heater can be easily installed into an existing fireplace or a blank wall. Along with the realistic look, you can control the flame as well as the three-speed fan, to give the most suited look and heat for any day. The heater also can come with a remote control where you can have added control over the thermostat as well as a timer. Not only this, you can choose from three different styles of the heater. The first is the black facia and black inner trim with a mesh guard or the black facia and black inner trim with a glass guard or black facia and stainless-steel inner trim with a glass guard. This heater can be customised, to a certain extent, to fit the look and style of what you would like.


Overall this is a great heater for your home and is easily customisable. Come instore to have a look at this heater in action for yourself.


That’s this week’s most popular product.

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Statement Heaters

Unique heaters – HD 720p 

All the heaters that will be discussed are on display in our showroom, so you can take a look for yourself. Whether you are looking for a small or big heater there is definitely one to suit your style.

Gas Heaters

Starting with the gas heaters the three heaters which are statement pieces are the Pacific Energy Mirage, Cannon Latitude 1500 and the Coonara Mosman.  The Mirage is unique as it comes in four porcelain colours. As well as having a more vertical design, different from other gas heaters. The Cannon Latitude 1500 is a new heater with a very bold and modern look. This heater has a floating plinth which elevates the long fire bed. The Latitude has two choices of fire beds, the traditional logs and the stylised logs. This is perfect for you to design the statement piece that you want. The last gas heater is the Coonara Mosman. This heater has 5 different styles that you can choose from. As well as the option to have LED lighting which has 10 different colour options, perfect for any mood.

Wood Heaters

There is a much larger range of unique wood heaters. The wood heaters which make the biggest statement are the Jøtul F100 and F163, the ESSE 700 Vista, Ironheart, Nectre N60 and the Blaze B100. The Jøtul heaters all have a unique design. The F100 is a small but mighty heater with a more traditional attractive pattern. Whereas the F163 has a very modern design, with three legs and large side glass which is unique to the Jøtul brand. The ESSE 700 Vista is unique as it is a small heater with a spectacular viewing area. The Ironheart is versatile as it is a wood heater as well as a cooking stove. It has a classic design but can be modified to fit your style, the Ironheart is the perfect statement piece for your kitchen.  The Nectre N60 is another statement heater, the curved sides are like no other, as well as the large viewing area. It is perfect for contemporary or traditional homes. The B100 is just quirky enough to be uniquely stylish, this heater is great for modern homes as well as the more traditional styles.


These are just some of the quirky heaters that we have on display. These heaters are the perfect statement for any home, come in-store or call today to get your unique heater today.

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Find the JØTUL F100 here

The JØTUL F163 here

Find the ESSE 700 VISTA  here

Find the IRONHEART  here

The NECTRE N60 here

Find the BLAZE B100 here


Jindara Riverina

The Jindara Riverina

This week, the most popular appliance is the Jindara Riverina freestanding wood heater. Although this wood heater is small, it is mighty. The Riverina can heat up to 180m2with an efficiency rating of 69%.  The Riverina has a tall pedestal for easy loading, a three-speed fan and can hold logs of up to 340mm. Therefore, this heater is perfect for your home.

The Jindara Riverina is part of the Outback Series. The Outback Series is comprised of eight different heaters. Which range from small to large. The Range includes the Riverina, Barossa, Barwon, Sorrento, Pyrenees, Sturt, Cottage and the Homestead.  Above all, these heaters have been a constant and reliable heat source for many Australian families for generations.

The Jindara Riverina is 100% Australian made and manufactured. This product has a high-quality that is built to last under Australian conditions. Therefore, it is perfect for your home.

*The Riverina has two models and can come inbuilt or freestanding.*

That’s this week most popular appliance.

Come instore find out more about the Riverina.

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Finally, come in store to see this wonderful heater for yourself. Or call today to find out more about this heater, by talking to our informative staff.

The Esprit

esprit SSThis week’s most popular appliance is the Pacific Energy Esprit. The Esprit is an efficient, modern gas heater. The Esprit can heat up to 93m2NG and 80m2LPG. With an efficiency rating of 67.5%. The heater uses large finned heat exchangers. With standard one-touch remote controls to provide quick and easy control over heat.

esprit black

Not only does this heater warm you up but the flame only mode lets you run the heater without heat for when you want to set the mood. The heater has 6 flame settings as well as 6 fan settings. On each setting the flames appear rich and full. This heater is perfect for every day, even in summer. The internal lights can bring you heater to life, without adding extra heat.

The Esprit allow you to choose the best design to fit your home it comes with four different surround options as well as different flame sets. This gives you the ability to create the heater that you want for your home.

Come instore or call today to find out more about this product!


That’s this week’s most popular product.

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Esprit Gas Log Fire with Louvered Fascia

Esprit Gas Log Fire with Louvered Fascia

Wood Heat is Good Heat

Wood heat is good heat.  Wood heaters have been supplying Australian homes with powerful heating for over 200 years. But did you know that wood heating is also friendly on the environment providing clean energy alternative to heat your home?


Research conducted by the CSIRO found firewood produces less greenhouse gas, than all other domestic heating options. In fact, wood heating is the cheapest form of heating with the smallest greenhouse footprint. The standards for wood heaters in Australia have changed to make wood heaters not only burned cleaner but also more efficient.


Prior to 2016 wood heaters sold on the Australian market were required to have a maximum carbon emission rate of 4 grams per kilo of wood burn and no minimum requirement for efficiency. This has now changed to 2.5 grams of emissions, per kilo of wood burnt and a minimum efficiency of 55%. In 2019 this standard tightened again to 1.5 grams and 60%. This means wood heaters sold in Australia today must meet the strictest environmental standards in the world.


Manufactures have engineered new technologies such as secondary and tertiary burning enhanced baffle design and effective burn rate management to enhance unit operations making them burn cleaner than ever before.


The Australian home heating association supports the work of Landcare Australia and our members recommend sourcing fuel from sustainable sources. Wood forms a natural part of the carbon cycle and is considered a renewable resource whether part of a tree is burnt or decomposes the stored carbon is released mainly as carbon dioxide. Burning wood is a modern efficient wood heater will produce less carbo than letting felled timber naturally decompose the first floor. Coal, oil and gas are geologically extracted and burnt thereby adding carbon to the atmosphere without being replenished. As wood can be and is continually grown, like wind and solar it is considered to be an infinite supply.


So, there has never been a better time to join over 900,000 Australians who choose wood to heat their homes efficiently, cleanly and cost-effectively. Wood heat is good heat.


Australian Home Heating Association

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How to choose your wood heater.

How to choose your wood heater.

How to choose your unit? What heaters in Australia provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to heat your home? Taking the time to understand how a wood heater works and assessing your heating requirements will ensure you have the right amount of heat and a correctly operating unit.


There are two basic types of wood heaters in Australia, radiant and convection heaters. Radiant heaters heat like the sun, they radiate heat in all directions and are excellent for large open areas. A convection heater heats up the air in and around the unit and circulates it around the house by fan force convected airflow. Convection heaters are best for moving warm air up hallways and into other rooms.


The First step is to work out the space you require to heat, measuring the area will give a starting point for your requirements, but it’s not the only factor to keep in mind. Make sure you know the size of the room or all the rooms you want to heat, as well as the ceiling heights. The level of insulation within your house will greatly affect heating requirements. Most modern houses have the wall and roof insulation making them a lot more efficient, however, older style houses can be less insulated causing heat to leak from the house.  Widow glazing and furnishings are also important to calculate the amount of heat loss from the dwelling, double glazing and heavy window furnishings will greatly increase the house’s efficiency to contain heat. Windows without curtains and blinds will leak warmth via heat transfer through the glass.


The style and layout of your house will also affect the unit’s ability to distribute heat.  Factors to consider include split level and double story houses and where you locate your fire in the house for better heat distribution, the more central the location of your fire the better. The geographic location of your house is also important colder climate areas to the South of Australia will have a greater demand than warmer northern climates. Placing greater demand on your unit.


Having the correct size unit in your house will ensure the unit can operate correctly. An under-capacity unit means you’ll run the risk of having to over fuel the heater to have enough heat. Oversizing can lead to the unit needing to be closed down all the time creating inefficient burns, dangerous creosote build-up in the flue and excess smoke.


Find the Australian Home Heating Association video here.

Bosch Cash back offer

The Bosch Cash Back Offer is Here Again

The Bosch cash back offer is here again. When you purchase a Bosch Highflow 17e, 21e, Bosch Professional 17L and 21L you can receive $50 cash back.

Simply purchase any one of the four Bosch Hot Water units from us between 19 September 2016 – 16 December 2016 and register your claim before the 31 December 2016 to be eligible for the Bosch Cash Bonus! *Cash Bonus is presented in the form of a VISA cash card. Claim form and terms and conditions are available at www.bosch-climate.com.au/news-and-promotions/promotions/highflowcashback

Bosch’s world-leading gas water heaters represent 127 years of technological endeavour. And in that time, they have made a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Bosch offers generous voluntary warranties on their domestic hot water heater range. You’ll be covered for parts and labour (refer to specific warranty information) and can enjoy a comprehensive heat exchanger voluntary warranty. So choosing Bosch will keep your water hot and your stress levels cool.

Bosch offers a large range of instantaneous gas hot water systems. So, whether you’re renovating, building a new home or replacing your existing hot water system, Bosch has a hot water heater to suit your individual needs.

AGN logo

Free Natural Gas Connections


Free natural gas connections available. If you have thought about connecting to natural gas this is the perfect time

– Australian Gas Networks is offering eligible households free connection!*

If you connect your home to natural gas now, you can get

• Pipework to the meter for free
• Started on your kitchen renovation
• Unlimited hot water
• More economical heating
• A comfortable outdoor heated area
• An efficient and reliable form of energy for your home

Natural gas is coming to McLaren Vale

Connecting to natural gas is easy, and with special rebates on offer to McLaren Vale residents, it’s now even easier to make the connection.

Make your home a natural gas home:

• Enjoy the reliability and efficiency of natural gas
• Never run out of hot water again
• Cook to the perfect temperature
• Entertain outdoors all year round
• Say no to rising electricity prices
• Be the envy of your neighbours with stylish natural gas appliances

For a limited time, existing homes in McLaren Vale can claim rebates for the installation of new natural gas appliances and/or for the conversion of existing appliances (e.g. LPG appliances) to natural gas.

Eligible homes can take advantage of the following great offers:

• Free connection.
• $750 off for natural gas ducted central heater or hydronic heating system installations.
• $500 off for natural gas hot water system installations.
• $250 off for natural gas flued space heater installations.
• $100 off for additional natural gas appliance installations (e.g. cooktops, bbqs, outdoor heating).