Large Wood Heaters

Large wood heaters can heat massive spaces to 350m2. Therefore, they are among the best options for heating bigger homes, especially in country areas.

Most bigger heaters are either hybrid or convection heaters. They can disperse their warmth over a larger area. All big wood heaters will provide plenty of radiant heat and long burn times. They require some convection to modulate the heat distribution.

Popular larger models include the most efficient heater available in Australia, the Pacific Energy Neo 2.5, and Aussie models like the Jindara Grange or the Nectre Mega.

Any large wood heater features a large firebox that can take bigger pieces of wood. This allows you to cut wood less and generate longer burn times.

Fortunately, there are a large number of different styles available in the large heater category. For customers after the modern aesthetic, the Lacunza series is very popular, along with offerings from Blaze and Jindara.

If you are after a traditional style, Lopi offers the Rockport, Pacific Energy offers the Alderlea, and neutral offerings are available from Regency, Nectre and Coonara.

Most larger heaters can use a standard 6″ flue, but in some cases, they require 7″ or even 8″ flue systems. Please consult our sales staff to ensure we find a heater appropriate for your needs.

Energy Hothouse has a good selection of large wood heaters on display, so you can select your new heater with confidence that the correct unit will be heating your home for years to come.

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