Small Wood Heaters

Small wood heaters are a popular choice in Adelaide homes. They are well suited for heating a room, shed, or even a tiny home.

Nectre, Blaze, True North, Charnwood, Jotul and Masport are brands that sell these smaller units.

The Australian-made Nectre heaters are the most popular brand. Their iconic N15 has been warming small homes since 1983 and is an excellent choice for sheds and double brick homes.

The revolutionary Nectre Form1 is perfect for modern, highly efficient green homes and eco-villas. It even offers an option to add air outside for very tightly sealed homes.

Nectre’s sister company Blaze features the stylish B100, a modern take on the N15.

Jotul is a Scandinavian brand famous for its small cast iron heaters. These are great options for installing into a fireplace or a small double-brick home. They feature both traditional styles like the F100 and ultra-modern like the F163.

Masport also makes cast-iron heaters and pot belly stoves.

Canadian brand True North makes the extremely clever TN10, one of the few small hybrid heaters. It features side shields as standard and installs quite close to combustible materials.

Finally, British Charnwood makes some of the most attractive small wood heaters. Their Aire 3 is the smallest wood heater on the market and has options you can install in a glamping tent!

We have several small wood heaters on display in our Clarence Gardens showroom and can work with you to decide the ideal heater for your space.

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