Wood Heaters

Energy Hothouse has a wide range of wood heaters to suit any room or space.

Our brands include Nectre, Pacific Energy, Lacunza, Jindara, True North, Blaze, Regency, Coonara, Heat Charm, Arrow, Esse, Jotul, Charnwood and Masport.

Wood heating is a fantastic choice to heat many Adelaide homes. It is the only heating method that uses 100% renewable energy to provide warmth.  This can be very cost-effective if you have access to your own wood.

The toasty radiant heat of a wood heater is suited to many older brick and stone homes. A modern combustion heater features 60+% efficiency and produces less than 1.5g/kg in emissions. This makes it a cost-effective and green choice.

Modern homes can also benefit from a wood heater. The radiant fire heats the insulation, and the addition of a fan can spread heat around your house.

However, the main thing that attracts people to wood heaters is the stunning flames and ambience a wood heater provides.

Nothing beats the crackle and pop of a wood fire with bright orange flames and glowing red coals on a cold Adelaide winter’s day.

Our range of wood heaters includes beautiful Australian-made products from Nectre, Jindara, Heat Charm, Arrow and Coonara. These are some of the best wood heaters on the planet. They represent tremendous value for money.

We also stock North American brands like Pacific Energy, Lopi True North and Regency. European heaters from Lacunza, Jotul, Charnwood and Esse.

The styling ranges from the traditional to the ultra-modern, and the footprint from tiny to massive. The heating capacity ranges from 35m2 to 400m2+.

There are over 50 heaters on display in our showroom, and our experienced staff can assist you with all your installation questions.

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