Coonara Aussie Stacker Freestanding


Small, Australian built radiant wood heater. Perfect for brick homes or sheds.

Type: Freestanding

Heating Capacity: 140m2

Efficiency : 60%

Emissions: 1.3g/kg

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Coonara Aussie Stacker Freestanding


Small, radiant heater, perfect for sheds or brick homes.

Australian Made:

Proudly Australian made in a high-tech local factory. Coonara are made by Shamic Engineering. An Australian owned company. Famous for their quality heaters that are built to last.



The Aussie radiant wood heater packs a serious punch for something so small. Heating 140m2 with 60% efficiency and producing low 1.3g/kg emissions. The heater will burn beautifully and reduce smoke and emissions.  Use the optional trivet, to cook a stew or boil a kettle to make the most of the toasty radiant heat. Add in the convenient wood storage for even more practicality.


Clean Modern Looks:

Many small, radiant heaters look fussy, and old fashioned. Not the Coonara Aussie Radiant. It has clean sharp lines and smart charcoal paint, that looks fantastic in a fully renovated brick home. It can also add a modern touch to an old fireplace, or converted shed.

The wooden handle is treated so it doesn’t retain heat. The large glass window provides a clear, open view of the fire. As a result the Coonara Aussie Radiant is a great choice for many Adelaide homes.


Finding the Right Location:

The Coonara Aussie Radiant  wood heater has a beautiful toasty, warmth. Perfect for double brick homes, or sheds, or for anyone that doesn’t like the noise of a fan. As a result, it needs a bit of space from combustibles, but in the right location provides the best kind of heat.

Because the Aussie Radiant doesn’t need a fan. It also doesn’t need electricity. Potentially saving hundreds of dollars on installation.

The tall wood stacker makes life easier. The wood storage is convenient. The higher door makes loading wood simple.

  • Rear – 325mm
  • Side – 900mm
  • Corner – 675mm



  • Australian made
  • Clean, modern look
  • No electricity required
  • Heats 140m2
  • Stylish modern look
  • 60% efficiency
  • 1.3 g/kg emissions


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*Price is for unit only. The price does not include flue, installation or delivery. These must be priced based on actual installation requirements.

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