Coonara Hermitage Victorian – Gas Heater



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Coonara Hermitage Victorian – Gas Heater


Price excludes Cast Iron Fascia Pictured

HEATS: Up to 140 m²


  • Thermostat Controller  – Factory Fitted $415
  • Wi-Fi – Factory Fitted – $295
  • Cast iron fascia – $950

The panoramic view of the Hermitage Inbuilt Victorian with its beautiful and realistic flame patterns will keep you warm and cosy on cold and chilly nights.

Where tradition meets innovation.

  • 83% efficiency rating
  • 4.6-star energy rating
  • Heats up to 14 squares
  • Colour: Black

An iconic name in home heating in Australia, Coonara is Australia’s most popular brand of home heaters.

Coonara Heaters are proudly manufactured in Australia using imported and local components. A variety of model, colour and flue options are available, allowing you to obtain the perfect heater for your home.

Coonara Gas Log Heaters are ideal for people who desire the beauty and atmosphere or wood heating but want the ease, convenience and efficiency of gas heating for their home. The beautiful, realistic flame patterns and the efficient heat output of our gas heaters set Coonara apart.

There are thirteen models in the Coonara gas range – from the Coonara Hermitage console which has a 4.2 star energy rating and heats up to 12 squares to the Coonara Grange which heats up to 20 squares with a 5.1 star rating – making it one of the world’s most powerful, efficient gas log space heaters. A new addition is our Cosy Wall Heater which has a 5-star rating.

Coonara gas heaters are available as inbuilt or freestanding heaters and include flat glass and bay window, air transfer kit and programmable climate controller options.


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*All prices are based on the base spec unit only, flue, installation and delivery are to be quoted as per job requirements


Weight 10000 kg

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