Jotul F305LL White Enamel


— Award winning Norwegian design

— Unique white enamel finish

— Traditional cast iron firebox

— Modern & sleek looks

— Heats up to 130m2

— 1.0g/kg emissions

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Jotul F305LL White Enamel


The Jotul F305LL white enamel is an award winning modern wood heater. The large window provides a stunning view of the flames, while the space-age body will add a touch of the future to any home. This model is finished in a stunning white enamel. This finish will maintain its “as new” look for many years, but does require care when cleaning. Please speak to a sales consultant before purchase.


Despite it’s modern appearance, the F305 contains everything that has historically made Jotul a popular choice to heat Australian homes. The cast iron body retains and radiates heat and achieves an impressive 72% efficiency rating. The horizontal design makes it easier to place logs.


The F305 is the only Jotul heater that features close clearances for a corner installation, giving you more flexibility on your installation.


The Jotul F305LL is also available in a black painted finish. See more information: here


There is also a Jotul F305B model, which features convenient wood storage. See more information: here



Jotul F305LL White Enamel Specs


— Heats up to 130m2

— Cast iron construction

— Black painted finish

— 72% efficiency

— 1.0g/kg emissions

— 410mm log size



F305LL Clearances to Combustible Materials


— Rear: 200mm

— Side: 400mm

— Corner: 250mm

— Hearth: 920mm  x  920mm



Jotul Wood Heaters


Jotul is the longest-running producer of wood stoves in the world boasting a 170-year-long history. Beginning in 1853 in Norway, Jotul has been making cast-iron stoves of the highest quality ever since.


Making use of recycled material, cast iron is perfect for creating radiant heat. Perfect for cold Norwegian homes, and perfect for older Australian homes, often lacking in insulation, and constructed from double-brick or stone and featuring high ceilings and tiled floors.


While traditionally Jotul stoves have been popular in older homes, recent construction trends have made Jotul stoves a popular choice for modern homes that feature cathedral ceilings or polished concrete floors.



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Jotul Homepage: Here
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*All prices are based on the base spec unit only, flue, installation and delivery are to be quoted as per job requirements

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