Charnwood Island II


There’s something nice about a traditional looking fireplace, and that’s a quality the Charnwood Island II has in spades. British made from the Isle of Wight, the most impressive thing about this heater is its impressive, cast-iron double doors, holding back the flames of this fantastic heater, while still giving you an incredible view.


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Behind its gorgeous double glass doors lays a heater that is packed full of features. At the bottom of your firebox lies a cast iron riddle grate. This riddle grate, when moved, allows the ash accumulated in your firebox to fall into the dual ash pans below, which can then be emptied. The Island II also has a cool to touch air control, with notches in it to allow you to regulate the temperature of your fire. But it’s the top of this heater that is truly special. With a 10mm cooktop, you can simmer a soup or boil a kettle without issue. And there is also a hidden ability here, with the option to rear flue out of the back of this heater. This allows you to have more cooktop space, or to have a modern look, or to avoid fluing through the ceiling, or all at the same time. This flexibility makes the Charnwood Island II truly stand out.


The Island II is a truly unique heater, stunning in its elegance and ability to heat your room. It has the capacity to heat up to 150m², so it’s a perfect mid-sized wood heater for any living room, den, or rumpus room. The cool to touch handle, attached to the right-hand door, locks the doors together in the centre, with the thick door seal keeping the air in the heater, ensuring there is no leaking from between the doors. To further improve the airtightness of the Island II, you can add Pivot’s Room Sealed Flue Kit to the heater. This flue kit saves 8% of heat loss than traditional air-cooled flue kits, which lose heat at the ceiling ring. You can also add an Outside Air Intake to your Island II, which will bring fresh air from outside into your heater, conserving oxygen in a new home, allowing your fire to breathe, and preventing floor draughts in an older home. Combining these two additions together allows you to get the most out of airtight system for your Island II.


What helps the Island II set itself apart is just how much care has been taken in crafting this heater. Handmade in the United Kingdom, the Island II has had every detail thought through and it comes together in a brilliant heater which combines the best of modern and old-style heating.


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Heating Capacity



675mm x 614mm x 448mm

Rear clearance to combustible


Side clearance to combustible


Corner clearance to combustible


Clearance to non-combustible


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