ESSE 775


Ideal for the coldest of nights, the ESSE 775 is a fantastic wood heater, handcrafted by the Master Stove Makers of ESSE, in Lancashire, United Kingdom. Bringing forward their centuries of experience, this wonderful unit boasts a British-made, cast-iron door, a spectacular flame pattern, and a stunning cooktop.



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Esse 775

The most amazing thing about ESSE’s wood heaters is the flame pattern.  Ideal for resting after a long hard day, stare into the dancing, flickering flames. These flames are created through the air chambers, which are controlled by the air slider just above the door. Within the firebox is a shaker grate that, when used, will release the ash from the firebox into the ash dump below. This then comes out for easy cleaning.

The ESSE 775 itself has a heat output of 100m², and with radiant sides, means you can heat a small space quite comfortably. At the end of a hard long day, not only can you rest by the fire, but you can use the top of the unit as a cooktop, allowing you to fry up some sausages or bacon, simmer a stew or boil a kettle. And by rear-fluing the flue, you can have even more cooking space. The paths are endless with the ESSE 775.


Perfect For Modern Homes

One of the most important aspects of your fire is air, and in modern airtight homes, wood fires can struggle to breathe. By installing an Outside Air Intake to the back of your heater, you can bring fresh air from outside, through a duct, into the ESSE 775, allowing it to function correctly.


This can also be useful in older homes to prevent draughts running along those old floors. You can also add Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit as an upgrade to your wood heater. This flue kit saves 8% more heat in your room than traditional air-cooled flue kits, reduces the noise in the flue by 90% and, when working in tandem with the Outside Air Intake, provides a completely airtight eco system for your wood heater.


With its indescribable flame pattern, warm, radiant heat and spectacular construction, the ESSE 775 is a brilliant wood heater, made for the cold British winters, and with a modern design perfect for the Aussie home.


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Heating Capacity



615mm x 546mm x 450mm

Rear clearance to combustible


Side clearance to combustible


Corner clearance to combustible


Clearance to non-combustible


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