Masport Westcott 1000


— One of the smallest heaters on the market

— Cast iron construction

— Perfect for sheds, small chimneys and small living rooms in brick homes

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Masport Westcott 1000


The Westcott 1000 is one of the smallest wood heaters available today. Measuring a tiny 416mm wide and only 540mm high, it will fit in places where no other wood heater will go. Despite its size, it still packs a punch. With cast iron construction, it can still heat up to 50m2 with strong, radiant heat. Perfect for taking the chill off a shed or a small room in a cold brick or stone home.


The Westcott range is designed for stone or brick installations but can be fitted with an optional rear heat shield for installation against a combustible wall.


The 10 year warranty will assure you of warmth for years to come.



Masport Westcott 1000 Specs

  • Heats: Up to 50m2
  • 68% efficiency
  • 1.1g/kg emissions
  • Rear clearance: 300mm (with heat shield)
  • Side clearance:  750mm (with heat shield)
  • Corner clearance: 450mm
  • Minimum hearth dimensions: 1065mm x 685mm


Masport Heating

An iconic New Zealand brand, Masport has been at the heart of Australian homes for over four decades. Designed in New Zealand, using only the highest quality cast iron, the current range of Masport cast iron heaters are at the forefront of a new generation of clean-burning, ultra-efficient wood fires.


A Masport stove features a comprehensive warranty program, an assured stock of spare parts, and a dedicated customer support network across Australia. You can buy a Masport now, knowing that you will be warm for years to come.


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Price is for unit only, and does not include flue or installation. Price is for cash or credit only and goods must be collected, delivered or installed within 30 days of purchase.

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