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Spare Parts for Wood and Gas Heaters

Here at Energy Hothouse we can help you with not only your initial purchase of your heater and its installation but also with the service, maintenance and spare parts for both your wood and gas heaters.

Glass replacement is one of the most common parts needed for any heater, especially wood fires and as such we have various brands of glass in all sorts of sizes and if nothing suits, we can arrange custom sizes. We also have all the parts needed for you to be able to replace the glass in your own home, or if you’re not feeling handy, just bring the door in and we can expertly replace the parts for you in our warehouse.

Firebricks are also an extremely sought after spare parts and we have different sizes in stock and we can order in many other non-stock standard brands and sizes. If all else fails we have stock to custom build your own firebricks.

We also have a whole range of cleaners, paints, fire too sets and flue cleaners and brushes.

Let us assist you with your spare part needs.

flexi flue brush kit
pyrogrip 1022
BU4 With Scraper
Energy Hot House door seal
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We are a qualified team of plumbers, gasfitters & eletricians.

We can arrange to service any type of appliance. We sell, either with our own qualified trades people. We specialize in pre season air-conditioning checks & cleaning.