Stovax Studio 2 – Inbuilt Masonry


— Stunning British style

— Perfect for old, large masonry fireplaces

— Heats up to 180m2

— Optional fan kit for convection heating

— Variety of fascia options

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Stovax Studio 2 – Inbuilt Masonry


The Stovax Studio 2 – Inbuilt Masonry wood heater is provides British style and class to a traditional brick fireplace. At the same time, it provides modern and efficient wood heating warmth to your home.


The large viewing window and sharp neat design gives an unparalleled view of leaping flames. The fully vermiculite lined firebox keeps the wood burning efficiently and cleanly. The advanced air-wash system provides an automatic cleaning system keeping the large window clean when used correctly.


The standard 6″ (152mm) flue makes installation much easier, even into old fireplaces with bendy chimneys.


The huge variety of fascias mean that there is an option that suits any interior design scheme.


The optional fan kit  helps circulate combustion air, increasing burning efficiency and providing greater heat delivery into the room. With both manual and automatic settings, the fan kit is conveniently operated by the Studio Control Panel.





Heating Capacity: Up to 180m2

Peak Power: 8.7kw

Efficiency: 62%

Emissions: 1.2g/kg

Available Options: Variety of fascia options, fan kit.



Minimum Fireplace Dimensions (Masonry Install)


Width: 970mm

Depth: 360mm

Height: 460mm* (must be positioned 250mm above floor)



Stovax Wood Heaters


Stovax heating is based in Exeter in England. They have designed and built exceptional fireplaces since 1981. They continuously strive to create the highest quality modern fires with the latest technology and the latest in British engineering.


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