Lacunza Verona with Wood Box


— Huge freestanding firebox

— Heats up to 425m2

— Giant 1000mm ceramic glass doors

— Includes bespoke woodbox

— 8-inch (203mm flue)

— Modern, European design

— Made in Spain

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Lacunza Verona with Wood Box


The Lacunza Verona with Wood Box is the largest freestanding, double-sided wood in our wood heating range.


The powerful 15.6kw heat output will heat large spaces of up to 452m2. This is provided by dual large ceramic glass doors, that provide plenty of radiant heat, yet the natural convection also provides increased coverage in well-insulated homes. The freestanding design allows for far less heat loss than an in-built version.


This makes the Verona FS perfect for large, open spaces, or homes with high ceilings, and concrete or tiled floors. Add the freestanding heater at the completion of the construction or renovation process. It, therefore, does not require the services of a builder for most installations.


The carbon steel construction with black vermiculite interior panels and the black refractory stone base combine to aid with the triple-combustion system. This results in a low 0.9g/kg emissions, well below the strict Australian standards.


The Verona FS  features a 200mm (8″) flue, providing an increased draw and more flexible heat control and longer burn times.


This version includes a bespoke wood box base, for convenient wood storage. A regular firebox-only version is also available. Please see here for more information.





Heating Capacity: Up to 425m2

Peak Power: 15.6kw

Efficiency: 60%

Emissions: 0.9g/kg

Available Options:



Minimum Clearances to Combustible Material


Front  & Rear: 1350mm

Side 450mm

Hearth Size: 1125mm x 1320mm* (must be positioned minimum 300mm above floor)



Lacunza Wood Heaters


Lacunza has over 50 years of history. Based in the Sakana valley in the Navarre region of Spain, they have developed some of the highest quality wood heaters on the market. Lacunza designs, manufactures and markets all its products.


All products are backed by a 10-year limited warranty and are designed with the smallest ecological footprint possible.


Lacunza wood heaters meet Australian standards and are designed to bring maximum heat and performance to your home.



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