Stovax Studio 2 FS


— Stunning freestanding wood fireplace

— Heats up to 180m2

— Can be installed on bench, plinth or directly onto non-combustible flooring

— Optional rear heat shield kit for installation against combustible walls

— Optional fans for increased heat distribution

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Stovax Studio 2 FS


The Stovax Studio 2 FS wood heater is provides British style and class to any room. At the same time, it provides modern and efficient wood heating warmth to your home. Heats up to 180m2 with a combination of radiant and convection heat. Perfect for heating large open spaces.


The large viewing window and sharp neat design gives an unparalleled view of leaping flames. The fully vermiculite lined firebox keeps the wood burning efficiently and cleanly. The advanced air-wash system provides an automatic cleaning system keeping the large window clean when used correctly.


This heater can be installed on to one of the optional benches, directly onto a hearth, or onto a concrete or non-combustible plinth. Perfect for many modern home designs.


The standard Studio 2 is designed for installation against a masonry wall. However, the optional rear heat shield allows for installation near timber or gyprock.


The optional fan kit  helps circulate combustion air, increasing burning efficiency and providing greater heat delivery into the room. With both manual and automatic settings, the fan kit is conveniently operated by the Studio Control Panel.



Stovax Studio 2 – Specifications


Heating Capacity: Up to 180m2

Peak Power: 8.7kw

Efficiency: 62%

Emissions: 1.2g/kg

Available Options: Variety of bench options, fan kit, rear heat shield kit.



Heater Dimensions


Width: 1000mm

Depth: 380mm

Height: 504mm



Minimum Clearances to Combustibles (with rear heat shield fitted)


Rear: 150mm

Side: 300mm

Corner: 300mm

Minimum Hearth: 680 deep x 1400 wide



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