Lopi Liberty FS


— Heats up to 300m2

— 64% Efficiency

— 1.3g/kg emissions

— Maximum burn time of 10 hours

— .06 cubic meter firebox

— 600mm maximum log size

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Lopi Liberty FS


The Lopi Liberty FS wood heater is a large stove made for heating large homes and living spaces. The strong radiant heat can penetrate into brick or stone walls, perfect for older homes. At the same time, the natural convection provided by the heavy-duty second skin will allow for effective warm airflow to spread the heat around your home.


If required you can boost this incredible heat even further with the addition of an optional fan.


The high-efficiency firebox can take a massive 600mm log, which helps it achieve burn times of up to 10 hours. Featuring an in-built ash tray for easy cleaning and maintenance the Liberty FS is perfect for homes that need strong heat, beautiful looks and premium wood-burning technology.




Rear: 275mm

Side: 550mm

Corner: 225mm

Minimum Hearth: 1400mm deep x 980mm wide


About Lopi Wood Heaters


Lopi has been designing and manufacturing wood and gas heaters in their state-of-the-art factory in Washington, USA, for over 40 years.

In that time, they have invested time and effort into making their heaters the perfect combination of modern beauty and effective performance.

All Lopi wood heaters feature the latest technology that enables them to burn cleanly, efficiently, and for longer than many other brands. Lopi wood stoves have the option of an outside air kit, making them perfect for tightly sealed modern homes.

Lopi has been retailing its stunning range of heaters in Australia since 1990. You can buy a Lopi confidently with extensive technical and spare parts support.


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*Please note all pricing is for a base spec heater only. Price does not include flue, delivery or installation, which must be priced based on job requirements.

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