Charnwood Haven Cooker



Manufactured on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, the Charnwood Haven is an all-new compact wood fired range cooker. This cooker is specially designed for cabins, tiny homes, and living off the grid.


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Charnwood Haven Cooker


The Charnwood Haven Cooker is the newest wood fired cooker on the Australian market. Complete with the traditional Charnwood flair, it also has one of the highest efficiencies for clean burning wood cooking, at 73%. It works perfectly in modern off-grid homes, cabins, and smaller homes in urban areas.


This stove combines a powerful heater, with a massive rectangular cooktop and a brilliant oven. This means you can heat up to 120m2 and still bake all day, and make a delicious sauce on the versatile cooktop.


The large cooking service is perfect for 2 larger pans. This means you can grill a steak and boil water at the same time. Use the section above the firebox for the stronger heat, and use the section over the oven to simmer or moderately cook more delicate foods.


The generously proportioned oven is perfect for roasting vegetables, baking cakes or cookies, or simply roasting the most amazing cuts of meat.


Clean Design


The Charnwood Haven firebox is designed to burn clean, unlike many older wood stoves. The design of the grate and ashtray means its so easy to clean out


Make sure to add on Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit. This flue saves an additional 8% of heat from your heater, meaning more heat in your room, not lost through the roof. This flue can help extend burn times, and can often be up to 90% quieter than traditional triple skinned flues.


Available early 2024, pre-orders are open now!


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Heating Capacity



800mm x 751mm x 628mm

Rear clearance to combustible


Side clearance to combustible


Corner clearance to combustible


Clearance to non-combustible


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