How To Choose a Wood Heater

There are many reasons to install a wood heater in your home. Wood heaters are an incredibly efficient and powerful way to heat your home. They also add charm and ambience to any room.

Finding the right heater for your home is incredibly important, but it can also be challenging to decide on which unit suits you the best. Fortunately, the Energy Hothouse has extensive experience helping customers decide which heater will suit them best. Combined with our extensive range of heaters from some leading brands, we can help you find the best possible heater for your home.

Heater Size

The most important thing to decide when choosing your heater is the size you will need to heat your home effectively.

Room size is an essential factor, but you need to consider a few other points:

  • Age of the home: A stone bungalow built in 1920 requires a far more powerful heater than a modern, high-efficiency brick veneer home.
  • Location: A standard 200m2 home in Stirling requires significantly more heat than the same home built in Edwardstown. 
  • Ceiling Height: A tall or raked ceiling will require a different heater style than a standard 2.4m ceiling.
  • Flooring: Tiled or polished concrete floors require more heat than carpets or timber flooring.
  • Windows: Large areas of single-glazed glass can cause significant heat loss. On the other hand, modern homes with double-glazed windows are incredibly efficient and require far less heating capacity.
  • Personal Preference: Different people have different ideal temperatures. 

Once we have determined the approximate size of the wood heater you require, we can choose the style that will look the best in your home.


Choosing a heater that you enjoy looking at is incredibly important. The brands of heaters we retail are renowned for their quality; therefore, you will spend considerable time looking at your heater.

Heaters tend to fall into one of a few categories:

  • Modern: Brands like Blaze, Lacunza and Jindara each make a range of heaters that suit ultra-modern homes. They are sleek, with clean lines, large glass viewing windows and simple door handles and air vents.
  • Neutral: These heaters have no distinctive look and are designed to make the fire itself the hero. Pacific Energy, Regency and Coonara make heaters in this category.
  • Traditional: These heaters capture the old-world charm of an old-school pot-belly stove. Brands like Nectre, True North, Charnwood and Jotul are popular in this style.

The critical thing to remember when shopping for a wood heater is that there is no wrong style. Whatever you like is the correct style of heater for you. Our extensive range of various sizes and types of heaters means we can help you find the right heater for your home.

Finally, we need to determine how you will use your heater.


Everyone uses their wood heater differently. Some customers want a heater that can run from April to October without interruption. Other people want a heater that they can use now and then for short periods. 

  • Heavy Usage: Several brands make high-efficiency wood heaters that burn for extended periods. They generally require more energy to start; however, they are highly efficient once burning and can reliably burn overnight. Pacific Energy, Regency, True North, Pyro Fires, Yunca and Jindara all make heaters designed to burn all winter.
  • On-Demand Usage: Perfect for customers who want to rapidly heat their home or area. These heaters can still burn overnight but are easy to light and heat up quickly. Nectre, Coonara, Blaze and Charnwood are popular in this category.

For more information, please visit our showroom at 867 South Road, Clarence Gardens, or call (08) 7225-9090 to speak to our experienced sales staff.

We have over 40 wood heaters on display, and our knowledgeable staff can work with you to determine which heater would work best for you.

Otherwise, our Pivots Stove and Heating friends have put together this fantastic video, which can provide even more information to help you on your wood heating journey.

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