Electric Fireplace Display

Energy Hothouse has a whole new section devoted to our extensive range’s most exciting new products.

Our recently completed electric fireplace display area features ten working models in various shapes and sizes from the leading brands in this innovative new product category.



This legendary Japanese company has made a giant splash in the market with its brand-new range of ES fireplaces.

We have the stunning ES750 (https://www.rinnai.com.au/online/heating/electric-fires/es-750-electric/) square and the massive ES2200 (https://www.rinnai.com.au/online/heating/electric-fires/es-2200-electric-fire/) linear log fire on display.

You can install these beautiful heaters as a one-, two- or three-sided unit. Rinnai electric fireplaces also feature a unique cool-blow setting, enabling year-round use. The ES series has an industry-leading 5-year warranty.



The Gazco range of electric fireplaces comprises one of Australia’s largest ranges.

We currently have the stunning Gazco Onyx 150RW (https://www.regency-fire.com.au/Products/Electric/Electric-Fireplaces/150RW), the excellent value eStudio 85 (https://www.regency-fire.com.au/Products/Electric/Electric-Fireplaces/ES85R) and the innovative eReflex 135R (https://www.regency-fire.com.au/Products/Electric/Electric-Fireplaces/135R).

All Gazco units are designed and engineered in the UK and can run in display-only or heating mode.



The brilliantly designed Ilektro 950LT (https://www.livingfire.com.au/fireplace-brands/paul-agnew-designs/ilektro-950lt-electric-fireplace-transform-home/) is a clever solution for people looking to replace an old space heater with a stunning electric fireplace. It is designed to fit as a straight replacement for many of the popular Rinnai, Vulcan and Pyrox space heaters.

British Fires


British Fires is Australia’s most unique and innovative electric fireplace brand. There is a British Fire for any home; the range features many sizes and ready-made suites.

The most impressive component is the deluxe natural wood log set option. Featuring unique, handpicked pieces of wood that combine with the award-winning flame pattern, no other electric fireplace boasts the realism of a British Fires unit.

We have three working models on display: the traditional New Forest 650SQ (https://britishfires.com/aus/inset-electric-fires/new-forest-electric-fire-650sq), the linear New Forest 1600 (https://britishfires.com/aus/inset-electric-fires/new-forest-electric-fire-1600/) and the easy-to-install Holbury 1200 (https://britishfires.com/aus/suites/holbury-suite/)

We have the standard ceramic log set and the deluxe real logs on display.

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