Statement Heaters

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All the heaters that will be discussed are on display in our showroom, so you can take a look for yourself. Whether you are looking for a small or big heater there is definitely one to suit your style.

Gas Heaters

Starting with the gas heaters the three heaters which are statement pieces are the Pacific Energy Mirage, Cannon Latitude 1500 and the Coonara Mosman.  The Mirage is unique as it comes in four porcelain colours. As well as having a more vertical design, different from other gas heaters. The Cannon Latitude 1500 is a new heater with a very bold and modern look. This heater has a floating plinth which elevates the long fire bed. The Latitude has two choices of fire beds, the traditional logs and the stylised logs. This is perfect for you to design the statement piece that you want. The last gas heater is the Coonara Mosman. This heater has 5 different styles that you can choose from. As well as the option to have LED lighting which has 10 different colour options, perfect for any mood.

Wood Heaters

There is a much larger range of unique wood heaters. The wood heaters which make the biggest statement are the Jøtul F100 and F163, the ESSE 700 Vista, Ironheart, Nectre N60 and the Blaze B100. The Jøtul heaters all have a unique design. The F100 is a small but mighty heater with a more traditional attractive pattern. Whereas the F163 has a very modern design, with three legs and large side glass which is unique to the Jøtul brand. The ESSE 700 Vista is unique as it is a small heater with a spectacular viewing area. The Ironheart is versatile as it is a wood heater as well as a cooking stove. It has a classic design but can be modified to fit your style, the Ironheart is the perfect statement piece for your kitchen.  The Nectre N60 is another statement heater, the curved sides are like no other, as well as the large viewing area. It is perfect for contemporary or traditional homes. The B100 is just quirky enough to be uniquely stylish, this heater is great for modern homes as well as the more traditional styles.


These are just some of the quirky heaters that we have on display. These heaters are the perfect statement for any home, come in-store or call today to get your unique heater today.

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