Installing your Wood Heater

Installing Your Wood Heater

Installation of your unit. Wood heating in Australia provides a clean efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Taking your time to ensure your wood heater is installed correctly will ensure you have a sustainable heat source for years to come.


Wood heaters sold of the Australian market must be tested to a safety and clearance standard. Know as AS/NZS 2918. These standards define the tests which must take place for a product to be able to obtain certification and be and be sold on the Australian market.


Clearances to combustibles for unit will be outlined in the literature provided by the manufacturer of your unit. These include side clearances, rear wall clearances and clearances required of installing the unit into a corner. It will also dictate the hearth requirements for the unit including, thickness and projection required in front of and beside the fire itself. The flue used for the unit will need to meet the Australian standards. Be sure to check the flue system you propose to use is suited to your unit and has been tested to the standard. If your flue system is not tested with your appliance it must be a default flue kit as specified in the current version of AS/NZS 2918.


Drop boxes and wall and floor penetration kits must be used when penetrating section of your home, be sure to check requirements before proceeding with any installation. A minimum flue height of 4.6 meter from the hearth to the flow cap is required.  At the flue cap you must have 3 meters clear of any structures or obstacles this includes second stories including neighbouring properties parapet walls, trees or any solid structure.


Not meeting these requirements can make the fire burning incorrectly causes smoke nuisance for neighbouring properties or could create a fire hazard. That is why installing your wood heater correctly is so important.


States and local councils may have different requirements for installations including who can install the unit and of a compliance certification required. Ask your local AHHA member of the statutory requirements in your area. Your local AHHA member can give you professional advice and recommend installers who can give you peace of mind that your new heating investment will last.

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