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true north inbuilt wood heater

True North TN20 Inbuilt Wood Heater – Heats 200+m2


About this product

The True North TN20 inbuilt wood heater is so simple, its massive deep firebox, it burns all night long.

AND it’s made in Canada…..

It’s a heater is perfect for converting an inefficient chimney into serious heating

Perfect for a medium sized home, the True North TN20 inbuilt wood heater will heat up to 200+m2

  • VERY DEEP Firebox

With an 18″ long firebox, you can put extra long lengths of wood up to 450mm long. The True North TN20 inbuilt wood heater has an amazing overnight burn of 12+ hours

18" long wood

18″ long wood

  • Not 1…Not 2…Not 3… BUT 4 x afterburners

To give your TN20 inbuilt wood heater the cleanest and longest burn, there is 4 afterburners (secondary air tubes) installed to give you 4 times the efficiency

TN20 inbuilt wood heater burns clean

TN20 inbuilt wood heater burns clean

  • Burns efficient

Tested to the latest AS/NZ Standards, the TN20 results at 64% efficiency, or 3 star ratings

True North TN20 inbuilt Product Review

Being made in Canada by one of the largest manufactures of wood heaters, Pacific Energy, you know this has some serious quality to the heater. The massive 150mm adjustment on the air control is really impressive, making this heater very easy to use. The deep firebox allows easy 18″ of wood to fit. And the impressive 12+hour burn time means this heater really does perform. Its fully fire bricked lined, from the base to the baffle, this offers long storage of heat. For value of price its a 10/10 – for long term live expectancy 6/10


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