Rinnai SS850 (Freestanding)


  • 3.9 star energy efficiency
  • High maximum heat output of 6.6 kW
  • Subtle mesh heat shield
  • Uses the coaxial direct vent flue system, sealed from the room
  • Capable to be Wi-Fi enabled (with the addition of the Wi-Fi module)
  • Available in LPG and Natural Gas
  • Includes ‘simple-to-use’ infrared remote control

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Rinnai SS850 (Freestanding)

Inspired by the much-loved Rinnai Sapphire, the Rinnai SS850 (Freestanding) is a stylish and versatile gas fire that is perfect for most homes.

With a unique, modern style, the SS850 Freestander provides design flexibility that can integrate into any living space. The design options include the traditional plinth, the striking cabinet, or use your own base with the firebox-only module unit.


Now featuring a direct vent, room-sealed flue, the 850 series is perfect for all homes.


The subtle mesh screen gives an uninterrupted view of the fire. Yet it also stays remarkably cool to the touch, making it much safer for pets or small children.


These beautiful heaters are available in natural gas or LP and include a standard, easy-to-use infrared remote.


The Rinnai SS850 (Freestanding) gas fire heats up to 90m2 and features a 3.9-star rating. The optional wi-fi controller allows you to turn your heater on/off from anywhere or even program the operating times. Ensure maximum comfort at all times!


Energy Hothouse has the SS850 inbuilt as a working display in our Clarance Gardens showroom.


Rinnai SS850 – Visual Dimension – Module Only

Width: 735mm
Depth: 395mm
Height: 685mm


Rinnai SS850 – Visual Dimension – Cabinet Base

Width: 735mm
Depth: 395mm
Height: 1055mm


Rinnai SS850 – Visual Dimensions – Plinth Base

Width: 735mm
Depth: 395mm
Height: 925mm


Rinnai Australia

Rinnai has been warming Australian homes since 1971, and its range of gas heaters is the widest on the market.


Since 1920 Rinnai has been at the forefront of gas appliance technology. The Australian market has a wide range of products, including hot water, heating and cleaning appliances.


Designed in Japan and made in Australia, Japan and New Zealand, the Rinnai range of gas heaters has a solution for every home.


All Rinnai gas heaters feature a 10-year warranty on their heat exchanger, and Rinnai also has many qualified service technicians in each major city.


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