Alderlea T6 Wood Heater


If you’re looking for old world charm, yet don’t want to sacrifice on heat output or modern efficiency, look no further than the stunning Pacific Energy Alderlea T6. With its stunning vintage cast iron exterior, yet modern and sleek steel firebox packed full of features, the 265kg Canadian made Alderlea T6 will be a true statement piece in your home.

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The Alderlea T6’s most defining feature is it’s enormous heat output. Designed for the rooms that need the ultimate heat, the Alderlea T6 can heat a MASSIVE 300m²! Perfect for heating a large area such as an open plan living space, the Alderlea T6 will keep you warm no matter the size or shape of your room. And with an efficiency of 64% and low emissions at 1.1g, the Alderlea T6 burns clean! Saving you wood, money, and the environment at the same time! Moving the top grill away exposes the stunning cooktop directly above the fireplace, perfect for a slow cooked roast or to bring that kettle to a boil. Who doesn’t love a cuppa? Especially directly off a wood stove.


With the amount of heat your Alderlea T6 produces, you want to keep as much of it in the room as possible. With Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, you save 8% of heat loss from your flue, which equates to a tonne of wood per year in the running cost of the heater. You can also pair this with the Outside Air Intake, this allows you to bring fresh air from outside your home to feed your fire, perfect for modern airtight homes or older homes to prevent draughts running through your house.


If you’re in need of a big wood heater, the Alderlea T6 is the heater for you. Its massive heat output is unparalleled, and with its brilliant cooktop, long, deep firebox and ability to regulate the draught inside the heater, its packed full of features ready to give you the perfect fire, all winter long.


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Heating Capacity

280m² – 300m²


757mm x 743175mmmm x 730mm

Rear clearance to combustible


Side clearance to combustible


Corner clearance to combustible


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