Lopi 864 31K


— Heats up to 125m2

— Huge visual impact

— Optional cool wall kit allows for flush tv installation

— American-made quality

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Lopi 864 31K


The Lopi 864 31K gas log fire is a large, beautiful, modern take on the traditional square fireplace. The huge viewing screen makes a massive visual statement. Yet, the clean-face design and realistic log set create a range of flexible installation options to suit any home or room.


The Lopi 864 31K is a top flue-only heater.  The optional cool wall kit can allow for a flush wall television installation as well.


The Lopi 864 has the ability to heat up to 125m2 and features strong radiant heat from the thick ceramic glass. However, the ability to use a thermostat and the automatic adjustment of flame heights, keeps your house warm efficiently. The ambience is supplemented via the state-of-the-art EmberGlo bed lighting,  adjustable overhead accent lights and stunning, dancing, yellow flames.


For tiled or stone finishes you don’t need a fascia. For plain wall installations, a 10mm or 50mm trim is available.



Framing Dimensions (Minimums)


Width: 1093mm

Depth: 559mm

Height: 1143mm



About Lopi Gas Heaters


Lopi has been designing and manufacturing wood and gas heaters in their state-of-the-art Washington, USA factory for over 40 years.


In that time, they have invested time and effort into making their heaters the perfect combination of modern beauty and effective performance.


All Lopi gas log fires feature the latest technology. Lopi fires burn brighter and hotter, often more compact than comparable heaters on the market.


Personalise your heater with various visual options, including thin modern trims, traditional log sets, or distinctive glass media and liners. No matter the look you are trying to achieve, there is a Lopi setup that will work for you.


Lopi has been retailing its stunning range of heaters in Australia since 1990. You can buy a Lopi confidently with extensive technical and spare parts support.



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*All prices are based on the base spec unit only, flue, installation and delivery are to be quoted as per job requirements

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