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Alderlea T5 wood heater

Alderlea T5 Wood Heater – Heats 250+m2


About this product

The Alderlea T5 Wood Heater is nothing short of perfection. Designed to impress, to perform, to burn less wood, to produce less smoke, to burn ALL NIGHT LONG.

Built with serious quality, this is one impressive wood heater. Perfect for the larger home, the Alderlea T5 wood heater will heat up to 250+m2

The Alderela is no ordinary wood heater, the stunning outer cast iron skin not only gives the traditional stylish design but also adds additional thermal mass (meaning this heater stays hotter longer)

Available in 3 Finishes

Note: Price listed is for Matte Black, additional cost to upgrade to enamel finish




Inside your stunning heater has got the latest in technology to ensure you are kept warm on the coldest nights

  • Fully Firebricked Lined with cast iron casing adding some serious thermal mass

    • this adds additional thermal mass to your heater
    • The additional cast iron outer casing adds 70+kg of thermal mass (the bricks + the cast body means your T5 wood heater will stay hotter for much much longer)
Alderlea floating firebox

Alderlea floating firebox

  • Quad Burning Technology
    • 67% efficient
      • Your Alderlea T5 is 15% more efficient than the standard wood heater
        • means you will burn as much as 1 ton of wood LESS per year
      • The trick is all in the baffle. Made from stainless steel, it preheats the air to over 800°C making your fire burn clean.


  • Clean Burn Technology
    • 1.5grms
      • The lower the emissions, the less smoke produced. Your Alderlea T5 will produce 40% less smoke than other wood heaters
  • Overnight Burn
    • Guaranteed to burn 12+ hours
  • Easy to clean
    • Built-in ash dump with ashtray is self-closing and very easy to use
Pacific Energy ash dump

Pacific Energy ash dump


  • No more dusty mess when cleaning out your heater.
  • Easy close door and serious adjustment

    • Roller built in to assist indoor closing
    • The air control is brilliant. With 7″ (225mm) of adjustment, this means you have TOTAL CONTROL of your fire with so much adjustment
Air control

Air control



T4 T5 T6
Height 714mm 756mm 757mm
Width 660mm 635mm 743mm
Depth 527mm 724mm 730mm
Rear 250mm 100mm 175mm
Side 350mm 375mm 250mm
Corner 200mm 200mm 150mm
Heating Capacity 16kW 21kW 29kW
Emissions 1.5Grms 1.1Grm 1.1Grm
Efficiency 67% 67% 64%
Burn Time 6-8Hrs 8-10Hrs 10+Hrs
Shipping Dimensions
Weight 185kg 235kg 265kg
Length 630mm 780mm 860mm
Width 720mm 800mm 810mm
Height 980mm 1000mm 1010mm

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