Jindara Barwon Freestanding


— Large, Australian made heater

— Heats up to 320m2

— Requires 7″ (175mm) flue

— 620mm log capacity

— 65% efficiency

— 1.3g/kg emissions

— 3-speed fan

— Firebrick lined

— 8mm steel baffle

— 10-year firebox warranty

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Jindara Barwon Freestanding


The Jindara Barwon is one of the Australian market’s largest and most powerful wood heaters. Perfect for very large, cold spaces, the Barwon can heat a massive 320m2.


Utilizing Jindara’s pre-heated primary air technology, the Barossa achieves. an incredible 65% efficiency and a low 1.3g/kg of emissions. The extra deep ash bed, 8mm steel baffle, and firebrick lining work together to increase heat retention. This means your heater will stay warmer for longer and use less wood long-term.


The 7-inch (175mm) flue is an additional feature of the Barwon. This is larger than a standard flue and increases the draw, helping to ignite the fire on cold starts and ensures maximum heat is extracted from every log.


The Barwon also uses convected air and a powerful but quiet 3-speed fan to increase the spread of the wood fire to a broader area. This allows for even more heat and is perfect for homes with standard ceilings and gyprock walls.


The large door conveniently allows the Jindara Barwon to take a massive 620mm wood log, saving time and effort. The large glass window also provides a stunning view of the flames.


The modern appearance and sleek lines blend in with any decor and add class and style to your room. The bakelite handle stays cooler than other materials while being durable and stylish.


Please note that all Jindara Riverina heaters now come standard as Metallic black. Alternative colours are available for $650 (as of 1/1/23, price subject to change). Alternative colours are Titanium, charcoal, satin black, and rich brown metallic. Please note these are special orders and will involve extra manufacturing time.


Convected Heat


Perfect for newer homes or houses that contain plenty of insulation. This style of heating works best in rooms with ceilings under 3 meters. Convected heat uses a fan and natural airflow to heat the air in your house. Warm air can spread around a home quicker and more evenly than radiant heat. 


Barwon Clearances to Combustible Materials


Rear: 150mm

Side: 450mm

Corner: 200mm

Hearth: 1020w x 1100d



Jindara Wood Heaters


Manufactured by AF Gason Pty Ltd, Jindara wood heaters have been heating Australian homes for over 30 years.


With a focus on engineering excellence and rugged reliability, all Jindara heaters have earned their strong reputation through consistent high quality and proven performance.


The Jindara factory in Ararat, Victoria, is a state-of-the-art facility producing a wide range of wood heaters. Choose from radiant or convection heaters, inbuilt or freestanding models, and traditional or modern designs. There is a Jindara heater suitable for almost every Australian home.


Jindara takes pride in its industry-leading after-sales service and support. With excellent spare part availability and stock, you can buy a Jindara heater with confidence that it will heat for years to come.



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Australian Home Heating Association: Here
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Energy Hothouse Homepage: Here


Weight 1000000 kg

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