ESSE Bakeheart


This is the ESSE Bakeheart. The ultimate baker’s oven, the Bakeheart is handcrafted by Master Stove Makers in Lancashire, United Kingdom and features an awesome firebox, nice deep oven, and brilliant cooktop, ready for the kitchen, shed or man-cave.


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Cooking steaks in the firebox is what the ESSE Bakeheart is most known for, and that’s because it is a serious delight. The barbeque tray slips into the grooves in the firebricks, allowing you to char-grill over the bright red coals. And when the fat from the steak drips down… and the flames flare up… it’s epic! Below the firebox is the Bakeheart baker’s oven. Perfect for that epic sourdough recipe or to chuck some potatoes in the 440mm deep ESSE baking tray, this oven is deep, warm and cooks perfectly. The air control for the firebox is at the bottom of the unit. This air control is huge, giving you complete and total control over your fire. You can also add a hot water jacket to your ESSE Bakeheart firebox, giving you brilliant off-grid hot water for as long as you like.


Cooking on top of the ESSE Bakeheart is an absolute delight. For starters, there is a temperature gradient from the centre of the hotplate to the outer rim. This means you can boil a kettle in the centre, then move it to the edge for a simmer, or slow cook a rack of ribs on the outer edge. Then there’s the hotplate itself, which can be used for several pots and pans, or as a direct cooking surface, perfect for your char-steamed asparagus (just add a dab of water and lower the bolster lid) or to cook a nice piece of fish. The cooking options are only limited by your creativity and imagination.


Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit is a perfect upgrade for your ESSE Bakeheart. It traps the heat inside the room, unlike a traditional air-cooled flue kit, and both the painted and enamel versions come with an access door, allowing you to clean your flue with ease. And with the Outside Air Intake bringing fresh air into your Bakeheart firebox, you won’t have to struggle getting air to your Bakeheart, for instance in an airtight home.


The perfect addition to any man cave, shed or kitchen, the ESSE Bakeheart is a unique cooker that packs so much function and brilliance into such a small unit. Ready for the greatest of meals, call the boys over, crack a beer and get cooking on your ESSE Bakeheart.


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Heating Capacity



900mm x 500mm x 600mm

Rear clearance to combustible


Side clearance to combustible


Corner clearance to combustible


Clearance to non-combustible


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