Blaze B800 Freestanding Wood Heater


Freestanding Convection Wood Heater designed with style, efficiency and easy-to-use features.

  • Ability to heat a large area
  • Sleek and modern design that will fit into any decor
  • 3-speed fan for superior heat dispersion
  • Designed in Australia

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Blaze B800 Freestanding Wood Heater

The Blaze B800 Freestanding wood heater is perfect for large, open, modern Australian homes.  The simple, clean design will fit into any interior decor, while the 3-speed fan will allow for superior heat distribution.


Blaze designed the B800 to have a large glass window with airwash. This provides a clear view of the stunning flames. While also keeping the glass clear from creosote. The 6mm steel construction and firebrick lining retain heat and help achieve a 64% efficiency rating. This means that you will get more heat from less wood.


At the same time, with incredibly low 0.9g/kg emissions, the heater will burn cleanly and produce a minimum amount of ash or creosote with properly seasoned hardwood.


While the B800 is big on power and features, it is also very cleverly designed with compact clearances for flexible installation options.


B800 Clearances to Combustible Materials

Rear: 125mm

Side: 300mm

Corner: 100mm

Hearth: 1000w x 1050d


Blaze Wood Heaters

Designed in Australia, Blaze wood heaters are perfect for modern Australian homes.

A Blaze wood heater features a clean, stylish, contemporary design. A high-efficiency operation and intelligent engineering. A new Blaze fireplace will add value and warmth to your home.

A 10-year firebox warranty and tech support from Australia’s biggest wood heating group will give you peace of mind for years of cozy warmth.


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Blaze Australia: Here

Energy Hothouse Home: Here

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Weight 1000000 kg

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