Rinnai LS800


— Stunning frameless design and realistic campfire log set

— Class-leading 5-star efficiency

— Unique 800mm x 505mm anti-reflective glass screen, perfect for creating a traditional fireplace look in modern homes

— Heats up to 128m2

— Designed and engineered in Japan

— Manufactured in New Zealand

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Rinnai LS800


The Rinnai LS800 is a spectacular fireplace for when only the best will do. Rinnai has designed the LS series of gas log fires to be the most advanced gas log fires on the market.


The appearance is striking. The log set is designed to precisely match natural driftwood. The large, dancing yellow flames will mesmerize you. The thin fascia gives you a large number of finishing options. The distinctive 800mm x 505mm anti-reflective glass reduces reflections and makes the LS800 at home in any room.


The clever heat dispersion system allows you to install a TV or picture flush on the wall, only 30cm above the top of the heater.


The focus on the form has not detracted from function. The LS800 will heat up to 128m2 in a mild climate. The 5-star efficiency means you get more heat from less fuel. The quiet fan and standard Wi-Fi control give you control and the ability to heat your home in the manner you like.


Featuring a high-tech powerflue you can flue the LS series of gas log fires in a number of different ways. Run the flue, up, out, back and down, wherever it needs to go, it can with this heater.


The low firebox design also allows a minimum framing height of  970mm, perfect for creating a bench-look installation.



Framing Dimensions (Off-Centre Install)


Width: 1365mm

Height: 970mm

Depth: 425mm



Framing Dimensions (Centred Install)


Width: 1690mm

Height: 970mm

Depth: 425mm



Rinnai Australia


Rinnai has been warming Australian homes since 1971, and its range of gas heaters is the widest on the market.


Since 1920 Rinnai has been at the forefront of gas appliance technology. The Australian market has a wide range of products, including hot water, heating and cleaning appliances.


Designed in Japan and made in Australia, Japan and New Zealand, the Rinnai range of gas heaters has a solution for every home.


All Rinnai gas heaters feature a 10-year warranty on their heat exchanger, and Rinnai also has many qualified service technicians in each major city.



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