Rinnai ES1000 Electric Fireplace


— 1.8kw heating function

— Flexible installation and framing options

— 1m visual window.

— Electronic temperature control with open door/window detection

— Year-round usability with a cool blow function

— 5-year parts and labour warranty

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Rinnai ES1000 Electric Fireplace


The Rinnai ES1000 Electric Fireplace is perfect for a modern home. Featuring a 1m visual area the Rinnai brings the ultimate in ambience and style to any space.


Like all Rinnai electric models, you remain in control of every aspect of the unit. You can change the speed, colour, and brightness, and even choose to activate the enchanting crackling sounds of burning logs through the speaker system.


This control extends to the 7-day programmable timer with adaptive smart heating. The open door and window detection also means it can turn off and conserve power when someone forgets to close the door behind them.


Featuring 1.8kw of heating capacity, with 3 heating modes, it also has a cool blow function to make your beautiful new fire useful all year round.


Builders and renovators will love flexible installation options. You can wall mount with supplied brackets or frame it into a feature wall as either a one, two or three-sided install.


Like all Rinnai products, you can buy with confidence. All Rinnai electric heaters feature a 5-year parts and labour warranty.


Visual Dimensions


Width: 1000mm

Height: 394mm


Framing Dimensions


Width: 1036mm

Height: 558mm

Depth: 301mm


Rinnai Australia


Rinnai appliances have been a crucial part of Australian homes since 1971.  The exciting, and futuristic electric range of fireplaces are designed to add character and ambience to modern homes and continue the traditions laid by their extensive gas heating, air conditioning and hot water ranges.


Rinnai uses cutting-edge technology and innovation to provide the best products for your home. The Rinnai ES Series offers a complete range of options to create the ultimate fireplace which will transform your home, adding a touch of luxury that is perfectly tailored to reflect your own unique style



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