Nectre Mk2 Pedestal


— Hybrid radiant/convection heat

— Perfect for large spaces with decent insulation

— Heats up to 200m2

— Made in South Australia

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Nectre Mk2 Pedestal


The Nectre Mk2 Pedestal is a stylish heater with a flexible hybrid heating style.


The thick, Australian steel construction and cast iron door provide plenty of radiant heat. Then the secondary casing provides plenty of natural convection heat to quickly warm the air. Perfect for homes with decent insulation, that still want the wonderful, toasty warmth of a radiant heater.


Featuring heavy-duty Australian steel construction, cast iron door, and thick firebrick lining the Nectre series of heaters have incredible thermal mass.


The cool touch spring handle makes loading wood safer and easier. The large firebox fits a larger log.


The pedestal models provide a more modern look and a solid base for easier cleaning.



Mk2 Pedestal Clearances


Rear: 125mm

Side: 450mm

Corner: 200mm

Hearth: 900mm x 900mm



Nectre Wood Heaters


Nectre is a South Australian icon. Designed and made in Dry Creek, Adelaide, for over 40 years. Nectre wood heaters are perfect for all types of Adelaide homes.


With a Nectre fireplace, you are also choosing reliability and quality. Nectre heaters are famous for their longevity. Featuring Australian steel and other local materials and simple but rugged designs, you can expect a lifetime of warmth from your new Nectre heater.


A 10-year firebox warranty and tech support from Australia’s biggest wood heating group will give you peace of mind for years of toasty warmth.


Find a Nectre that suits your space: Nectre has one of the market’s most comprehensive ranges of wood heaters. From the tiny N15 to the massive N900, there is a Nectre to suit almost every home. All Nectre heaters boast tremendous efficiency and incredible radiant warmth. 


See our giant range of Nectre wood heaters on display at 867 South Road, Clarence Gardens, SA.



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*Please note all pricing is for a base spec heater only. Price does not include flue, delivery or installation, which must be priced based on job requirements.

Weight 1000000 kg

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