Jindara Hamersley Inbuilt


— Large, Australian-made wood heater

— Cast-iron lined firebox

— Heats up to 260m2

— 64% efficiency

— 1.0g/kg emissions

— 570mm log width

— 8mm steel baffle

— 10-year firebox warranty

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Jindara Hamersley Inbuilt


The Jindara Hamersley inbuilt wood heater is a traditional, Australian-made heater, that features advanced technology to make it perfect for any home.


The cast-iron lined firebox, along with the 8mm steel baffle retain more heat, helping the fire burn longer and cleaner. The 3-speed fan is known for its reliability and quietness. The clever design of the firebox means the small footprint packs a warm punch.


The Hamersley is now finished in stylish metallic black paint and still features a standard 6″ flue, making for an easier installation.


Jindara Hamersley Inbuilt Specs


— Made in Ararat, Victoria.

— Heats up to 260m2 and is perfect for large-sized living areas.

— 8mm primary baffle.

— cast-iron lined.

— Pressed steel door.

— 64% efficiency.

— 1.0g/kg emissions.

— 570mm log capacity



Hamersley Minimum Masonry Fireplace Opening


— Width: 685mm

— Depth:  430mm

— Height: 650mm

— Hearth: 1000mm x 600mm



Hamersley Minimum Fireplace Timber Framing


— Width: 1036mm

— Depth: 595mm

— Height: 1063mm

— Hearth: 1000mm x 600mm




Jindara Wood Heaters


Manufactured by AF Gason Pty Ltd, Jindara wood heaters have been heating Australian homes for over 30 years.


With a focus on engineering excellence and rugged reliability, all Jindara heaters have earned their strong reputation through consistent high quality and proven performance.


The Jindara factory in Ararat, Victoria, is a state-of-the-art facility producing a wide range of wood heaters. Choose from radiant or convection heaters, inbuilt or freestanding models, and traditional or modern designs. There is a Jindara heater suitable for almost every Australian home.


Jindara takes pride in its industry-leading after-sales service and support. With excellent spare part availability and stock, you can buy a Jindara heater with confidence that it will heat for years to come.



Learn More


Jindara Australia Homepage: Here
Australian Home Heating Association: Here
Energy Hothouse Facebook: Here
Energy Hothouse Homepage: Here


*All prices are based on the base spec unit only, flue, installation and delivery are to be quoted as per job requirements

Weight 1000000 kg

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