Double Sided Wood Heaters


Double-sided wood heaters are an increasingly popular choice for people wanting to heat large areas.

The benefit is that a single heater can heat two rooms or divide one large open space while also providing a stunning visual feature in both rooms.

Our range of see-through wood heaters includes models from Regency, Lacunza and Jindara.

Regency has the Mansfield, perfect for new homes. The sleek, modern appearance belies a traditional radiant heat, warming areas up to 200m2.

The Mansfield is our biggest seller. It is a working display in our showroom, and we run it most weekends throughout the colder months.

Jindara makes the Spectre range of inbuilt and freestanding units. Large, efficient, modern-looking heaters can heat up to 400m2. Their inbuilt units are only for masonry fireplaces.

Jindara make all their heaters in their Ararat factory. They are famous for their quality and their reliability.

Finally, we have Lacunza, who sells three models of see-through heaters. They have the large Verona 1000 freestanding heater and the Nickel 800 + 1000 see-through inbuilt unit. You can install these into a timber frame with an optional zero-clearance box.

Lacunza heaters are made in Spain and are a popular addition to the Australian market. We currently have the freestanding Verona 1000 on display.

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