British Fires Forest 650SQ Electric Fireplace


— Unique traditional square-shaped firebox

— 1.5 kW heating element with air curtain technology

— Standard deluxe log set

— One-sided installation

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British Fires Forest 650SQ Electric Fireplace


The British Fires Forest 650SQ Electric Fireplace is one of the very few traditional square-style electric fireplaces available. Perfect for any type of home looking to create a unique aesthetic style, with all of the unique British Fires features.


Visual Dimensions


Width: 652mm

Height: 620mm


Framing Dimensions


Width: 670mm

Height: 932mm

Depth: 224mm


Patented Air Curtain Technology


British Fires all feature patented Air Curtain Technology. This uses the process of circulating cooler air in and dispersing warmed air back into the room via our dual-outlet system, which is discreetly placed above the glass, creating an efficiently heated space




While the LED flame effect on British fires is beautiful in its own right, altogether it becomes downright stunning with the addition of the downlighting feature. With the click of a button, create the illusion of a deeper-looking fuel bed and a brighter focal point.


Together this creates a warmer, more realistic glow. This is achieved by illuminating the reflective mirror resulting in a brighter fuel bed. incredibly, this is standard on all British Fires.


The Ultimate Control


All British Fires electric products feature a dazzling array of technology to enable you to get the best from your unit. Save power with the innovative open window technology.


The thermostatic control allows you to find your perfect temperature and keep it there. with a temperature range of 17-27 degrees, everyone can find their ideal setting. Furthermore, the ultimate in customisation is provided by the ability to set daily, weekly or even hourly timers.


Flame control allows you to adjust the brightness of your flame to suit your room or mood. Also, you can change the colour of the fuel bed to suit your needs.


Deluxe Real Logs


All British Fires come with the standard deluxe real log sets. These are all unique and handcrafted logs, branches, twigs and bark sourced from nature, and coated in a special resin to create a stunning and realistic look not possible with other types of fires. Also, an optional ceramic birch log set is available on some models.



About British Fires


Inspired by the stunning New Forest National Park on the south coast of England. All British Fires feature an award-winning LED flame effect and their patented air curtain technology. This provides the most realistic and effective electric log fires on the market.


British Fires all come with a 3-year guarantee. This is to demonstrate the pride and commitment to quality featured in all British Fires products.



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The price is for the unit with the standard deluxe real log set. 

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