Regency Windsor FS


— Beautiful design

— Made entirely in Canada

— Heats up to 240m2

— Long burn times

— Cast-iron door for radiant heat

— Optional thermostatic fan for increased heat distribution

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Regency Windsor FS


The Regency Windsor is a beautiful, modern wood stove. Made entirely in Canada from high quality steel and fittings, this heater is designed for heavy duty heating requirements.


The large viewing glass provides a clear view of the leaping flames, while the fully brick lined firebox retains more heat and provides a huge amount of thermal mass. This result in longer burn times and increased radiant heat. Perfect for warming modern, well-insulated homes, or older brick or stone buildings. The Windsor will heat up to 240m2 and features low emissions of 1.3g/kg.


The advanced construction extends to the fixtures and fittings. The door handle features a cam-lock for a stronger door seal. The wood handle helps prevent overheating when closed, making for safer re-loading. The unobtrusive air-wash system makes use of the multiple burn system to help keep the ceramic door glass clean, and the fire burning cleanly and efficiently.


The Windsor also has several optional features that can adapt the heater to different applications. These include, an optional 2-speed thermostatic fan, airmate and ash drawer. You can also choose either a square or curved cast-iron door to suit either modern or traditional rooms.





Rear: 100mm

Side: 450mm

Corner: 275mm

Minimum Hearth: 1030mm deep x 850mm wide



Regency Australia


Regency is a wood and gas heating company founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1979. Initially, based in a small suburban garage, they have grown to be a leader in the design and manufacture of heating products. Regency products are sold in over 2000 retailers across North America, Europe, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.


All Regency products believe in the four cornerstones of great fireplace products: high quality, good value, clean burning efficiency, and beautiful aesthetics.


Based out of its head office in Dandenong South, Victoria, Regency Australia provides extensive after-sales support for all of its products, including a limited 15-year warranty on all wood heaters sold in Australia.



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*Please note all pricing is for a base spec heater only. Price does not include flue, delivery or installation, which must be priced based on job requirements.




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