Coolair CPQ450


— Small, value for money model

— Made in Adelaide

— Packed full of the latest technology

— 5-year comprehensive warranty

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Coolair CPQ450


The Coolair CPQ450 is the small  evaporative air-conditioner in the Coolair range. This is a great budget option to cool smaller areas, while not compromising on the renowned Seeley quality or performance.


The Coolair range features a variable speed motor, a stealth axial fan, and operates with a bleed valve water management system. This makes it ideal for Adelaide’s hard tap water. The drain valve water management system can also be fitted as an option.


The Coolair range is built by Seeley international in it’s Lonsdale factory, so you know that it is designed to withstand South Australian conditions. The AutoWinterseal automatically closes off the air conditioning ducts when not in use and reduces draughts and dust. The water distribution system is a high efficiency pad wetting system and eliminates clogging of the filter pads.


The Australian made Tornado water pump is dual-directional and won’t block. Tornado design their products to outlast other less efficient, conventional style pumps. Combine this with the highly durable non-corrodible outer casing, and the 5-year comprehensive warranty, you can buy a Coolair ducted air-conditioner with confidence that you will get years of service from your purchase.


The Coolair range is available in grey, beige or terracotta red to match the roof of your home.



Benefits of Evaporative Cooling


Evaporative air-conditioning delivers a natural, exceptionally healthy cooling experience into your home. It is better for the environment as it harness the cooling power of water to bring an endless supply of 100% fresh, cool air into the building. Furthermore, it does not use any harmful refrigerants containing HCFC’s or HFC’s. Finally, evaporative cooling also produces less CO2 emissions than reverse-cycle air-conditioning.


Modern evaporative units take advantage of the latest technology to produce exceptional cooling performance in Adelaide conditions. These are not the evaporative units of years past. Furthermore,  the unit is able to take care of a large proportion of the maintenance itself which helps save you precious time.


Finally, it is up to 80% cheaper to run than a reverse cycle ducted unit and with each summer getting warmer, and the price of electricity only heading up, evaporative air-conditioning is the most effective way to cool an Adelaide home.



Seeley International


Seeley International is proudly a 100% Australian owned company. They design and manufacture air-conditioning products for Australia and the world. A true South Australian success story, Seeley make all their evaporative coolers in Adelaide at their state-of-the-art Lonsdale manufacturing facility.


Every Seeley evaporative air-conditioner is designed to last, and is backed up by an industry leading warranty, and Seeley’s team of service techs.



Coolair CPQ450 Specs


— Cooling capacity: 8.1kW

— Fan type: Axial Stealth

— Airflow: 1570 l/s at 80Pa

— Nominal motor power: 340w

— Width: 1150mm

— Depth: 1150mm

— Height: 685mm

— Operating weight: 78kg

— Standard controller: MagIQcool

— Optional controller: MagIQtouch with optional wi-fi



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