Wood Heat is Good Heat

Wood heat is good heat.  Wood heaters have been supplying Australian homes with powerful heating for over 200 years. But did you know that wood heating is also friendly on the environment providing clean energy alternative to heat your home?


Research conducted by the CSIRO found firewood produces less greenhouse gas, than all other domestic heating options. In fact, wood heating is the cheapest form of heating with the smallest greenhouse footprint. The standards for wood heaters in Australia have changed to make wood heaters not only burned cleaner but also more efficient.


Prior to 2016 wood heaters sold on the Australian market were required to have a maximum carbon emission rate of 4 grams per kilo of wood burn and no minimum requirement for efficiency. This has now changed to 2.5 grams of emissions, per kilo of wood burnt and a minimum efficiency of 55%. In 2019 this standard tightened again to 1.5 grams and 60%. This means wood heaters sold in Australia today must meet the strictest environmental standards in the world.


Manufactures have engineered new technologies such as secondary and tertiary burning enhanced baffle design and effective burn rate management to enhance unit operations making them burn cleaner than ever before.


The Australian home heating association supports the work of Landcare Australia and our members recommend sourcing fuel from sustainable sources. Wood forms a natural part of the carbon cycle and is considered a renewable resource whether part of a tree is burnt or decomposes the stored carbon is released mainly as carbon dioxide. Burning wood is a modern efficient wood heater will produce less carbo than letting felled timber naturally decompose the first floor. Coal, oil and gas are geologically extracted and burnt thereby adding carbon to the atmosphere without being replenished. As wood can be and is continually grown, like wind and solar it is considered to be an infinite supply.


So, there has never been a better time to join over 900,000 Australians who choose wood to heat their homes efficiently, cleanly and cost-effectively. Wood heat is good heat.


Australian Home Heating Association

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