VLAZE Heat Shield


The VLAZE Heat Shield is designed with stunning English quality, the Heat Shields are made in England by A.J. Wells & Sons (the company that makes the enamel British railway signs).

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The VLAZE Heat Shields are designed to reduce the rear clearance of any wood heater by 80%.

Simple to install, they come with two wall brackets. Install those, clip the heat shield on, and the wall screen just hangs on the wall.


Wall Screen Size

  • 1050mm wide x 1,200mm high


And available in three finishes

  • Enamel Black
  • Enamel White Crackle
  • Enamel Splatter

You can also match these to the VLAZE Hearths to have a brilliant, consistent look, allowing your wood heater to truly be a centrepiece in your home.

Enamel Black Finish 1200mm x 1050mm – $1,199.00
Enamel White Crackle Finish 1200mm x 1050mm – $1,399.00
Enamel Splatter Finish 1200mm x 1050mm – $1,399.00

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