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Rinnai Wireless Water Controller

Rinnai Wireless Water Controller WWC503


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About this product

Rinnai Wireless Water Controller WWC503

An additional or replacement Wireless water controller for your Rinnai Infinity hot water heater – This controller requires that a wireless Transceiver is installed with your unit.

The Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch comes with the Transceiver installed or you can use the wireless starter kit KWL503 which contains the transciever and comes with one remote. The Wireless controllers offer the same benefits as the wired remotes without the need to run cables between the room and the heater outdoors, making them ideal for existing buildings.

You can use up to 4 wireless remote controllers (one is designated Master Controller) in a fully wireless setup or combine wireless and wired remotes (limited to 4 total and only certain combinations are supported)

The controller gives you remote control of the precise temperature for your Rinnai Infinity.

Avoid Temperature Fluctuations
Continuous Flow water heaters like all types of water heaters can experience temperature fluctuations when other taps are turned on. Water controllers avoid this by maintaining an exact temperature even when other taps are used or a toilet is flushed.

Benefits and features

  • Precise temperature remote control
  • Room (priority) transfer
  • Smartstart® preheat system functions
  • Child Lock

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