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True North TN 10 wood heater

True North TN10 Wood Heater – Heats 100+m2


About this product

Have a small room you need to heat?

The Canadian Made, True North TN10 is perfect..

Designed to heat up to 100m2, this little beauty will belt out the heat, by heating only the smallest amount of wood

True North TN 10 wood heater

    True North TN 10 wood heater

  • The True North TN10 wood heater is perfect for smaller rooms..


  • If you have a living area the same size of a 2 car garage ( 40m2) this is perfect.


  • What we like about the heater is the Air Control, its easy to use and gives you massive control with 225mm in adjustment.


  • The firebox is fully fire bricked lined, so the times your heater does go out, the heater will hold heat for hours afterwards.


  • The top of the TN10 is a true cook top, enough size to boil your kettle for a cuppa while you sit and enjoy this heater
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The True North TN10 Wood Heater – Stuff you need to know
Height 654mm
Width 543mm
Depth 378mm
Rear 150mm
Side 175mm
Corner 75mm
Max Heating Capacity 120-150m2
Efficiency Max 71%, Average 64%
Emissions 1.2gms
Burn Time 6-8hrs
Fan Optional 2 speed Fan
Outside Fresh Air Can be fitted as optional
5 Years Firebox, Glass (excludes impact breakage)
3 Years (parts and Labor) Fan and door seals
Not Covered Firebricks
Where is it made? Made in Canada for Canadian winters….