Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 – Red Panels

Original price was: $5,035.00.Current price is: $4,479.00.

— Special price on red panel option only

— Price while stocks last and cannot be repeated

— South Australian customers only

— The most efficient heater available on the Australian market

— Long burn times

— Optional outside air available

— Optional thermostatic fan available


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Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 – Red Panels SALE


Energy Hothouse have 4 x Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 with ceramic red panels at a very special price for South Australian customers only. This is a rare opportunity to purchase the MOST efficient wood heater available in Australia at a massive saving of $556.


Why Buy a Neo 2.5?


The Neo 2.5 has an incredible 85% efficiency and can heat up to approx. 250m2. This results in more heat from less wood. The extended burn technology, stainless steel baffle and full firebrick lining resulting in burn times of up to 12 hours. Therefore, this makes the Neo 2.5 one of the most convenient wood heaters on the market.


Pacific Energy makes all their heaters in Canada. They are famous for their quality, longevity and incredibly beautiful flames. The incredible 10 year firebox and baffle warranty is unmatched on the Australian market. As an added bonus the glass comes with it’s own three year warranty INCLUDING accidental breakage.


Finally, the option to add outside air or a thermostatic blower make them a flexible installation option, perfect for new or old homes. This ability to add outside air means you can maintain a 7+ star rating on your new home, while still providing plenty of oxygen to fuel the incredible flames of your Neo 2.5.


The thermostatic blower helps spread the warm air around larger areas, perfect for modern homes with their open plan design. The fan operates in both thermostatic or manual mode. As a result it allows the fan to turn itself on once the heaters gets up to temperature, and off as it cools down. This keeps more heat in the firebox and helps prolong overnight burn times.


The Fine Print


We have very limited stock available. Furthermore, the advertising pricing only applies to the red panel option. Black sides are only available at full retail price.


Please call to confirm before placing order as this offer is only available to customers in South Australia. Because of this we cannot arrange shipping outside of the greater Adelaide area. Also, only heaters being installed by Energy Hothouse can be delivered. All other collections must be made from Energy Hothouse, 867 South Road, Clarence Gardens.


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Heating Capacity

280m² – 300m²


1040mm x 737mm x 622mm

Rear clearance to combustible


Side clearance to combustible


Corner clearance to combustible


Clearance to non-combustible


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