Masport Adena Wood Heater


Masport Adena Wood Heater. Vertical firebox. 160m2 heating capacity, and striking curved glass for stunning views of the spectacular fire.

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Masport Adena Wood Heater

Masport Adena wood heater packs a punch, in a compact, flexible package. Using “up” instead of “out” the Masport Adena can heat up to 160m2 while fitting into compact or difficult to fill spaces. Maximising space in the house for you.

The curved glass door means you can see the stunning flames from tighter angles. The vertical firebox means you can fit more wood on those cold winters nights, increasing burn times and heating capacity. However, in milder weather, you can run the heater with less wood, reducing the risk of overheating your room.

Available as an open or closed wood stacker, with convenient wood storage, the Masport Adena minimises the footprint required to get a wood heater into your home.

The Masport Adena is on display in-store.


Masport Adena – Designed For The Modern Home

The Masport Adena was designed for modern Australian homes. Its clever design means you can install it close to gyprock or other combustible materials.

The small hearth dimensions minimise the space the heater takes up while still effectively heating large spaces. The curved ceramic glass window provides toasty radiant heat to a wider area than traditional flat glass.

Ideal for homes with higher ceilings, lots of single glazed windows and less insulation the radiant heat warms the building instead of the air.

Made from quality New Zealand steel, and designed specifically for Australia, the Masport Adena is perfect for keeping your beautiful new home toasty and warm.

Masport Adena Specs

  • Made in New Zealand
  • Heats up to 160m2
  • 60% efficiency
  • 1.0g/kg emissions
  • Rear clearance: 120mm
  • Side clearance: 400mm
  • Corner clearance: 180mm
  • Minimum hearth dimensions: 715mm x 1000mm


Masport Heating

Masport has been at the heart of Australian homes for over four decades. Designed and made in New Zealand, using only the highest quality New Zealand steel, the current range of Masport heaters are at the forefront of a new generation of clean-burning, ultra-efficient wood fires.

A Masport stove features a comprehensive warranty program, an assured stock of spare parts, and a dedicated customer support network across Australia. You can buy a Masport now, safe in the knowledge that you will be warm for years to come.


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