Jindara Townsend


Jindara Townsend

A modern design masterpiece. Perfect for mid-sized open spaces with poor insulation and high ceilings. Australian made. Highly efficient and clean-burning, perfect for cold Adelaide nights.

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Jindara Townsend Radiant Wood Heater


Jindara Townsend radiant wood heater has a modern design, perfect for medium-sized older houses that want a stylish modern look.


Tall ceilings? Thick stone walls? Tiles? Lots of single-pane glass? Trouble keeping your older brick or stone house warm? Want radiant heat without the dated look of a traditional radiant heater?


The Jindara Townsend is the answer for you.



Jindara Townsend – Stunning Looks, Beautiful Heat

Featuring a clean, crisp modern look. With a large viewing window and a beautiful metallic black finish, the Jindara Townsend is unlike any other radiant heater on the market.


Add in a large 240m2 heating capacity, and the toasty warmth of a Jindara Townsend wood heater can warm up the coldest of homes.


Designed for installation against stone and brick walls, the Jindara Townsend warms the body of your home instead of the air, overcoming the cooling aspects of single-glazed glass, high ceilings, draughts, and thick stone walls.


Radiant Heat

Perfect for small rooms, older and uninsulated homes, or modern homes with high ceilings or lots of glass, radiant heat warms the house rather than the air.


A toasty, line-of-sight, radiant heat can make your otherwise cold home warm and comfortable on those cold winter days and nights.



Townsend Clearances to Combustible Materials


Rear: 250mm

Side: 750mm

Corner: 500mm

Hearth: 820w x 1060d



Jindara Wood Heaters


Manufactured by AF Gason Pty Ltd, Jindara wood heaters have been heating Australian homes for over 30 years.


With a focus on engineering excellence and rugged reliability, all Jindara heaters have earned their strong reputation through consistent high quality and proven performance.


The Jindara factory in Ararat, Victoria, is a state-of-the-art facility producing a wide range of wood heaters. Choose from radiant or convection heaters, inbuilt or freestanding models, and traditional or modern designs. There is a Jindara heater suitable for almost every Australian home.


Jindara takes pride in its industry-leading after-sales service and support. With excellent spare part availability and stock, you can buy a Jindara heater with confidence that it will heat for years to come.



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