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Jindara Pilbara Wood Heater

Jindara Pilbara Freestanding Wood Heater


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About this product

Jindara Pilbara Freestanding Wood Heater – Small

MODEL: 213011CH

HEATING: Up to 120 m²

Ideal for heating a smaller home.

This tidy little woodheater offers the convenience of a
compact design and install clearances with the finishes
we come to expect from a 100% Australian made unit.

Jindara Pilbara

  • Quiet high performance 3 speed fan
  • Heavy duty steel firebox
  • Deep firebox for infrequent cleaning

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Heating Type Convection
Base Type Pedestal
Fan 3 Speed  Standard
Cooktop No
Ash Pan No
Finish High Temperature Stove Paint
Heating Capacity 111m² or 12 squares
Peak Heat Output 6kW
Dimension  -Leg Model Not Available
Dimensions – Pedestal Model 652mm H  x 560mm W x 445mm D
Average Emission Output 2.9g / kg
Overall Average Efficiency 62.6%
Firebox Material Steel 6mm
Baffle Material Steel 8mm
Firebox Side Lining 10mm Cast Iron
Firebox Base Lining Bricks
Door Opening 174mm  x 419.5mm
Flue Diameter required 6” Triple
Weight 138kg
Domestic Boiler/Wetback No Option
Warranty 10 year limited warranty
Made in Australia

Minimum Clearance to Combustible Materials

Rear Wall 150mm
Side Wall 300mm
Corner Installation 100mm

Minimum Hearth Sizes

Width 890mm
Depth 995mm
Hearth forward of door opening 400mm
Thickness 12mm Full (no air gap)

The Jindara Paramount Series is a brilliantly designed and constructed woodheater series that provides excellent efficiency with unique high performance. The stylish design of these woodheaters ensure that Jindara leads the way in design and technology. Extensive research and testing have allowed Jindara to provide a superior selection of woodheating appliances for the discerning buyer. The Jindara woodheating family not only provides an inspired collection of woodheating appliances, they also offer 70 years of manufacturing experience in Australia. This peace of mind and security ensures that Jindara products will be supported by our Australia wide customer service network. Jindara’s ongoing successes in the woodheating industry allow us the flexibility to develop new models and designs. ”Quality Through Integrity” has long been the motto at Jindara, a motto we are proud to say we enjoy achieving.

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