Jindara Hamersley Freestanding Wood Heater


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Jindara Hamersley Freestanding Wood Heater – Large

The Jindara Hamersley is a designed and constructed woodheater series that provides excellent efficiency with unique high performance. The stylish design of these wood heaters ensures that Jindara leads the way in design and technology. Extensive research and testing have allowed Jindara to provide a superior selection of wood heating appliances for the discerning buyer. The Jindara wood heating family not only provides an inspired collection of wood heating appliances, they also offer 70 years of manufacturing experience in Australia. This peace of mind and security ensures that Jindara products will be supported by our Australia wide customer service network. Jindara’s ongoing successes in the wood heating industry allow us the flexibility to develop new models and designs. ”Quality Through Integrity” has long been the motto at Jindara, a motto we are proud to say we enjoy achieving.

MODEL: 213007CH

HEATING: Up to 300 m²

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Pedestal Models – Flat Window. The largest and most powerful in our range to heat up to 300m2.

  • Huge, self-cleaning fireplace window
  • Quiet, high-performance fans
  • Heavy-duty steel firebox
  • Heavy gauge, thick cast iron liners (heat retaining)
  • Firebrick lined heater base
  • Deep firebox for infrequent cleaning
  • Long-lasting 8mm steel baffle plate

Paramount fs










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Weight 1000000 kg

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