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esse warmheart

ESSE Warmheart


About this product

The Esse Warmheart

The Esse Warmheart is the newest to the Ironheart Family. Offering a true wood heater where you can cook on and in (yes we said in), packed with features…

AND tuned for the highest performance – the Warmheart is no ordinary wood heater
True Cook Top
A lot of heaters claim that you can cook on the top…BUT the Warmheart is a TRUE Cooktop.
With removable rings, you can put a WOK directly over your fire, or just utilize the 4 heat zones (ranging form 190°c to 300°c) and have 2 or 3 pots cooking away all day
Esse Warmheart - True Cook Top

BBQ inside…

The Warmheart has a stunning feature – you can BBQ inside the firebox. With 2 BBQ heights, you can get full use from your fire by cooking the perfect steak

Esse Warmheart - BBQ inside...

Trap that heat…

Unique to the Warmheart is Esse’s unique BOLSTER lid (or hot plate cover). This is PERFECT for those days where you want fire, but not too much heat..

OR use your Bolster Cover to Steam/Chargrill directly on top of your hot plate…YUMMMMMMMMM
Esse Warmheart - Trap that heat...

Breath Easy – FRESH AIR is standard with the Warmheart

The Warmheart has standard FRESH AIR inlet. You can pipe in outside air to your Warmheart to ensure fresher air in your home. PERFECT for homes with a 6+ star rating that this is a requirement

Esse Warmheart - Breath Easy - FRESH AIR is standard with the Warmheart

Optional Hot Water

The Warmheart is available in with a 2.8kW Heavy Duty Stainless Steel domestic hot water jacket, perfect for heating up to a 300ltr hot water service to provide all your hot water for your home

Esse Warmheart - Optional Hot Water

Perfect for smaller homes

The Warmheart is no massive output heater, in fact it’s purposefully designed for serious performance. Heating 50+m2 comfortably,you can still bake away with your Warmheart without having to cook yourself at the same time!

Esse Warmheart - Perfect for smaller homes